Toilet Talk

~Happy Weekend~
We are SOOOOO close to having the bathroom done!!!  We ran into a small snag along the way and who would have known it would be such a easy fix.
See this little step into the shower? 
It wasn’t there before the fire so when we installed the toilet ummm…..lets just say it was a little tight.
Yup, today I’m going there, I’m going to talk about toilets! Lucky you!
My fabulous hubby went to home depot and purchased this $10 beauty, it’s called an offset toilet flange.
This little piece allows you to adjust the position of a new toilet by several inches in any direction.

So the hubby cut away at the wood floor using the dremel and installed the handy flange.

The new toilet now has a happy home!

Thanks for allowing me to talk toilets today!!

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  1. Your bathroom is really taking shape – I can't wait to see the finished room. I know it's going to look fabulous!
    PS – you do realise with this topic you've opened yourself up for lots of comments like – stop talking crap and you're talking out of your butt!! LOL!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are so funny Kristin! 🙂 What an amazing invention you discovered and your bathroom is looking absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see the final reveal!

  3. Thank you SO much for posting this! We have 3 bathrooms in this new house we bought 2 years ago. Even though there would have been plenty of room to slide the toilets further over from the tubs when the house was being built, the builder set the toilets so close to the tubs the shower curtains almost touch the toilets. (ICK!)

    I had no idea this little gadget existed and apparently my plumber and remodeling contractor who worked on 2 of the bathroom renovations didn't either because when I asked them if the toilets could be moved over, even just a bit, they said "no." I still have one more bathroom to be redone so you can bet your bottom dollar we WILL be getting one of these when it's time to start that remodel!

  4. Toilet talk is so important. Especially in a Bathroom reno. This little piece really is genius! I had to move my toilet but we changed the entire toilet pipe- had I known about this little pipe it would have been so much easier.

  5. Too funny Kristin!! This is actually reallly great information!! Plumbing is so expensive and to be able to move the toliet with re-routing the plumbing is genius!! Now no more potty talk young lady,lol!! Kathysue

  6. Your bathroom is looking gorgeous, Kristin! Funny title of your post! I needed a little laugh today. How wonderful that your hubby is so handy, too. Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

  7. Kristin we have been working on our bathroom too since the wall was all rotted out from the shower leaking ~ ahhhhhhh!! It has been such a process that I am glad is almost over ~
    What a cool toilet thingy 🙂

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