Bathroom Fire

Yesterday, it was the good man up above that saved our house from burning down to nothing.
It could have been worse, it should have been worse, but it wasn’t,
it’s just a bathroom.
Most importantly, no one was hurt.
I will be taking the week off while we deal with the clean up, insurance and demo.
Hubby, taking it all in afterward.

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  1. Oh my!!! What happened? The most important thing, like you said, no one was hurt. Everything else can be replaced.

  2. I am so glad you are all OK! I am sorry for what you're dealing with but thank goodness it was contained to the bathroom only and everyone is safe.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS Kristin! I'm so glad no one was hurt but I'm so sorry about this! You will be in our thoughts and prayers this week as you deal with the after-math. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh my goodness, i am so sorry to hear of the fire. Thank you God that none of you were hurt! I hope everything goes quickly and smoothly putting things back together.

  5. Kristin, what the heck happen??? glad to know that everyone is OK, Stuff can be replaced… Keep us up to date… thinking of you..


  6. Oh dear!!! That is so scary! I'm so glad you all are ok. So sorry you have to deal with this though. Hugs and prayers to your family.

  7. Wow. So thankful no one was hurt and the fire contained. I work in Insurance, so I know what you're about to go through. Praying all goes smoothly!!!

  8. I hate to hear that you've had a fire and been through that horrible ordeal but so thankful you all are alright and it was only one room involved.
    Wishing all goes well with the cleanup process!

  9. oh my gosh- just so happy that you are all safe and well!!! i wish you the best of luck, and all the strength through this process.

  10. oh my gosh- just so happy that you are all safe and well!!! i wish you the best of luck, and all the strength through this process.

  11. Misery loves company – we are dealing with some pretty bad damage from a storm ourselves – but only moderate house (shingles, siding, fascia, central air unit, etc) – I'm very happy to hear you guys are all safe – and will pray that your clean-up goes quickly!

  12. Ugh! Not good! Glad everyone is fine. Sending prayers your way while dealing with the aftermath of a fire! Take care…xoxo

  13. OMG! Kristin! How scary! I am so glad everyone is ok, and that is was contained to just your bathroom! Talkabout an exciting 4th of July! My gosh! Take care of yourself and the fam…sending thoughts your way!


  14. OHMYGOSH, Kristin … what in the world happened ?! So glad that no one was hurt and that your home remains standing !! Thoughts and prayers coming your way …

  15. Oh my gosh, Kristin! Not what I expected to read today! I am so sorry to hear you had such a scare. I am glad to hear that no one was hurt.

  16. OOOOHMYGOODNESS!!!!!! Relieved to hear you are okay….what happened!!!!>???????? Breath……and one step at the time……take care!


  17. Thank goodness you are all safe and your house is still standing. Best wishes to you as you figure everything out.

  18. So sorry to hear you required a fireman at your home. I am glad that no one is hurt and minimal damage. My husband is a volunteer fireman and we are reminded daily of how much they are needed. I wish you luck on the repairs.

  19. Oh myh gosh, I am so sorry to hear this news. I'm happy no one was hurt. I hope the clean up goes well. ((Hugs)) ~Liz

  20. Prayers for you and your family…happy to hear every one is safe and sound. Hope you get back on your feet soon.


  21. OMGoodness! I am so glad no one was hurt and that you didn't lose your whole house! Let us know when you can. Take care!!!!! XOP, Pinky

  22. oh my Kristin – what a huge scare. take special care of you and yours.
    hugz from down here.
    cheryl xox.

  23. Oh, there is nothing more scary. Had two small house fires growing up . . one bathroom. So scary. Thankful you are all okay and it's contained to the bathroom. Fingers crossed for a smooth road back to normal.

  24. Oh my goodness! I am so glad no one was hurt. What the heck happened? I hope things move quickly for you this week. So sorry!

  25. Kristin, so glad you are all okay. Things can be replaced. We had a near miss years ago when our house was hit by lightning. The firemen could not believe that we did not have a fire, but yet a gaping hole in our roof! Praying things get back to normal quickly.

  26. I am so sorry for y'all but so glad that no one was hurt! I know that must be so hard to go through. Thinking about you and your family!

  27. Fire scares the bejeebers out of me, having lived through our own earlier this year. I am SO glad you're okay!!!

  28. SO glad everyone was okay! That is just so scary. Praying the process to get things back to normal goes very smoothly!

  29. Oh Kristin!! I am SO relieved to know you are all safe and the damage was only minor. Big hugs sweets! Cath

  30. So glad you and your family are safe! That sounds really scary! I know you will be able to make the best out of this bad situation. Again, so glad you are all okay!

  31. Oh Kristin, I am so sorry to hear you had a fire…that must have been terribly frightening! I am so relieved to hear you are all unhurt! Take care and know you are in my thoughts. Hugs to you ~ Txx

  32. oh geez….so sorry to hear this news…praying that the "fixing" of the mess will go smoothly! & so glad no one was hurt. hugs to you! xoxo, tracie

  33. So sorry to hear the news~ Prais God everyone is okay. Hugs, Rachel ๐Ÿ˜‰

    French Farmhouse 425

  34. Thank the Lord you had Him watching over you all. Take care and hopefully this mess too will pass. An inconvienence for sure, but thankfully no one was hurt or lost in the fire.

  35. so so scary, kristin!!! so glad everyone is safe and the fire was contained to a small area!!

  36. Hang in there! You'll be missed for a week. Did this have anything to do with fireworks??!

  37. Oh my! I'm glad everyone is safe! Thank the Lord no one was hurt. I'll be praying that everything goes well during the clean-up.

  38. Kristin, I'm so sorry to hear this! ๐Ÿ™ Praise God that everyone is safe and that the damage didn't involve more than the bathroom! What a crummy way to end a lovely long weekend. We'll see you next week, I hope everything goes smoothly in the meantime.

  39. Kristin I'm so glad to hear that you and your family are safe! I'll be thinking and praying for your and your family this week as you sort through all the craziness.

  40. Kristin, I am glad you are okay and that the damage was contained to the bathroom. Take care.

  41. Kristin, I had no idea. I was on a bloggin break and didnt know. So sorry Im glad that you are all okay and that you will no suffer any more distress with insurance or anything else.

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  42. Sorry I didn't see this sooner…been a wee bit busy but should never be too busy to watch out and listen to a friend! Even a blogger friend! So sorry this happened! Will certainly be praying for everything to work out and be handled as it should be! and…glad to have gotten to know you as a friend!

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