Guest bathroom…….DONE

I’m thrilled to say the bathroom is COMPLETE!!!

It’s been exactly 4 months and 12 days since the bathroom fire and we are extremely grateful to have this behind us!

Beautiful Bathroom Remodel


In keeping with the decor of the home we stuck with warm colors, continued the hardwood into the bathroom, added a little bling with  glass tile, added a window and replaced the old sink with an updated farmhouse sink.

Bathroom Remodel
We are thrilled with the results and happy to have this behind us.
 guest bathroom redone with a glass insert

Bathroom sink
Thank you for being so supportive along this journey.  It means the world to both my husband and I!
You can find all the  resources here.

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  1. Those dark handscraped planks are like big, luscious chocolate pieces of heaven…then layered with all that fluffy goodness…Oh. My. Be Still My Beatin' Heart!

  2. Kristin, it's beautuful. It looks like something you would find at a luxury hotel. If I had a bathroom like this, I would never want to come out. Well, maybe I would come out for chocolate.

    I'm curious to know what you use to clean the shower. I'd love to redo our master bath, and I love the look of the stone? you used (can't remember what it is) but I don't want something that requires special treatment. My husband is a fireman and things can get pretty dirty sometimes…..

  3. HHHHMMMMM!!!! Is it still consider RUDE in this day an age to Invite yourself over….. Because if NOT I would like to do just that… 🙂

    WOW!!! That is Beautiful and looks like something found in a Hotel Suite… 5 ★★★★★ of course… 🙂

  4. It's beautiful! I want that sink for my guest bathroom. I'll be back tomorrow b/c I NEED to know the name of the paint color. That's the color I want for my bedroom.

  5. I love it!!!!! Everything looks just amazing….=) I love the Lollia brand, scrumptious smells and the Lollia bedding collection is gorgeous! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  6. I can't wait to see the source list. This is such a gorgeous bathroom. I love each and every item in it. You have stunning taste and have pulled it all together beautifully.

  7. Wow!! It looks fabulous! I can't wait until we can start on ours, but I'll just have to look at pretty ones like yours until then. I just love the rustic elegance you've created.

  8. Oh my goodness, it's so bright and fresh and pretty! The shower tile is to die a thousand deaths over… and the decals on the wall look wonderful. The little sparkly light fixture really just finishes it all off so beautifully… YAY!


  9. Kristin, there isn't a single thing in this bathroom that I don't love! It is perfection. You may have to retrieve your guests from this gorgeous space, as I don't think they're going to want to come out! The light fixtures are fantastic!

  10. Absolutely beautiful. I know you are so happy to have it completed. I love the shower tile…for some reason I didn't think you were going to put little tile all over. I'm glad you did…it's wonderful. Also, the flooring…I am crazy about it. It's either the real thing…which it does look like it is…or the tile that looks like wood. All of the little touches complete the room. Jan

  11. Simply beautiful! I particularly like the vanity, the dark wood floors and oh, the double layer inset in the shower…how convenient, I've never seen one done that way. Enjoy this new space and having this behind you! Janell

  12. Oh~I love it, Kristin. It was sooo worth the wait. And the best part is that it is done before the Holidays! xo Diana

  13. So sophisticated and beautiful! The crystal and glass details are lovely and that inset in the shower is SO cool. I smiled when I saw the Lollia bottle too–love their products!

    Erin @ Carolina Country Living
    (visiting from Restored It Wednesday – link #54)

  14. Kristin Congratulations on a job well done. Love love your vanity. Your guest will feel very special using such a lovely bathroom, Kathysue

  15. HI, Kristin
    I just love your bathroom. It's lovely! I found your blog from A mother seeking blog. I enjoyed looking around. I am a new follower.


  16. So shiny and sparkly and new. Love your fresh new bathroom – everything flows so well. Looks like a really refreshing space to enjoy!

  17. Kristin, it's absolutely fabulous! You guys must be thrilled! I love every.single.detail of this space. The floors … fixtures … tile … the shower is amazing! WELL done, friend. I'm off to look at it again.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous, Kristin!! Such a soothing retreat… no one would ever guess the scare that occurred there. You've done a beautiful job, as usual 🙂

  19. This is incredibly beautiful…The pictures are great! I am really loving the floors and the wall tile. All the accessories are wonderful, too. You really knocked yourself out with this, I love it!!


  20. It turned out beautifully! I can really see how you used your inspiration photos months ago and incorporated it into your new bathroom. I'll bet you are so glad it is done and that it looks so gorgeous! Well done!


  21. It is just gorgeous, Krisitn! Love the vanity, the stunning light fixture, the hardware, the decals…..Every detail is perfect. You did an amazing job! I would spend hours in there! It's like a lovely spa!

  22. oh MY. I LOVE it. What a beautiful bathroom. I must say there are so many lovely details but I think that light fixture is MAAAAJOR!!! So amazing. Well done!!

  23. Just beautiful Kristin! I love all the little details you add to a space – the crystals, the tiles, the bath bubbles – just lovely!

  24. Stunning! You've done a wonderful job. The light fixture is just gorgeous as well as the tile. Love it!

  25. It looks fantastic Kristin! I love the tile you used. The stenciled wall turned out so pretty. What a gorgeous room!

  26. Truly stunning, Kristen! All of the tile choices are beautiful, the angled shower floor tiles add a nice interest. Wonderful job!

  27. It's come out gorgeous Kristin. I loved how to matched little bits of bling with sophisticated neutrals. Gorgeous.


  28. Beautiful from floor to ceiling. Love the shower head. Loved the tiled wall with cubby, but I'd need a LOT more cubby shelves for my products. Can you someday post a 'real' picture of where the towels are hanging, used soap, basket out on the floor and your h&b products all over the floor/wall edge of your shower :))

  29. Kristin — It is simply gorgeous!! Straight out of a magazine. I know it was a tough journey, but wow oh wow did you make it worth it!!! I hope this beautiful room helps your family replace the memories of how it happened!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Kristin, It looks so, so pretty! I’d feel like I was in a high-end hotel. Yum! Love the tile work in the shower, it’s GORGEOUS!!!! Happy for you that you are able to put that behind you dear 🙂

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