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Frame out your mirrors

I have to say framing out our mirror with molding  was one of the easiest projects we have done. It made me wonder what took us so long!

I’ve never seen this molding before, it’s made out of plastic! My husband eyed it at Home Depot and brought it home, he has such a great eye! Each piece was $6 and we needed 3 pieces.

Frame out those mirrors

Just a few cuts

Used Valspar brushed pearl, It gives the trim a perfect amount of dreamy luster, it’s gorgeous!

Double sided tape, can you believe that is all we had to use since the molding was plastic and super lightweight!

As you can see Sophie is MUCH better and into everything!

Caulk the corners

You are done!

The hollywood lights went bye bye, I found this at Lowes and really liked the simplicity of it!


So for under $30 we completely transformed our mirror and it was easy!

$18 for the molding

$6 for the double sided tape

$0 already had the paint

$0 already had the caulk

Or you could spend $100 on the pre made trim…..So now I have 2 more huge mirrors in our master bath I’m ready to get my hands on!

Hope I’ve inspired you to fancy up those mirrors!

 Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I’m heading to Home Depot tomorrow to see about some plastic molding! We have unframed mirrors in two of our bathrooms that have been driving me crazy because I didn’t want to spent a ton of money to have custom molding put in. Thanks!

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