Painted Kitchen Island

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Painting kitchen islands are an easy and affordable way to update your oak cabinets! I am so happy to have the task of painting the kitchen island behind us!  If you have been following along on Facebook you know it has been somewhat of a nightmare trying to find the perfect color!

Kitchen Island Painted

Kitchen Island Close up DIY Painted

The old island was perfectly fine but the black was just a little too stark for the space. I decided to paint it a light grey that seemed like it had a warmth to it, oh was I wrong, it looked awful once painted. I used the 4th one in from the left, looks pretty right?

island 2WRONG island

Thank goodness for my awesome readers for all the support and helping me find the perfect color!  I went with the Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain, it is the one right in the middle in-between all those neutral and warm colors, exactly what I needed!

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Benjamin Moore

My husband and I painted the island just like we did when we painted all of our old kitchen cabinets.  (I put the tutorial in below)

How to paint a kitchen island


Oil based primer


Heavy duty cleaner

Assorted Sandpaper

3M Sanding Sponge

Wood Filler

Painters Masking Tape

Painter’s Acrylic Latex Caulk

All Purpose Tack Cloth

Plastic Drop Cloth

Foam Mini Roller

Angle Trim Brush

Putty Knife


Remove all of your doors

Prep the room covering everything you don’t want painted

Remove all the hardware and hinges.

If your cabinets have gaps or dings fill them with wood filler.

Empty all your cabinets

Degrease all the doors, draws and frames. Tsp is a great degreaser as is vinegar and hot water.

Sand everything I used an electric sander with medium grit (80 or 100).

Prime with an oil based primer. Foam rollers will give you the look as though your cabinets have been sprayed.

Lightly sand

 Caulk away, it will hide all imperfections.

Here is the exciting part, Paint your desired color using a foam roller or spray them.

NOTE: Latex paint will adhere perfectly to oil based primer. Latex primer  over oil paint will not work at all.

Let it dry, buff out any drips and give it another coat.

Kitchen Island D Lawless Hardware

So much better, right?

If you missed my hubby’s handy work, you can see how he installed a DIY pull out trashcan.

Kitchen Island DIY Pull Out Trashcan Kitchen Island how to paint

I’m loving how it all came together, next project is to install the backsplash behind the stove.  Thank you again for all your help and suggestions!

Oh and if you missed our project a few years ago, you can find out how we turned our island into a custom piece.

How to make a kitchen island custom

Looking for a warm gray, Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain is perfect!

~Thanks so much for stopping in today~

If you are new here, you can find out why we had to gut our old kitchen under the project gallery under Kitchen Renovation.


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  1. Great job! I love both colors actually but the final choice you made is what I picked on Instagram 😉

  2. Looks great Kristin, it’s so true about color. What looks perfect on a picture frame in one room can look totally different and way darker used in another room.

  3. Shoot – I missed the whole discussion on your fb page! This color is perfect! It gives you gorgeous contrast to the rest of your kitchen colors, contrast always adds interest to a room! I love the pulls you chose too! Amazing makeover!

  4. The 3rd paint swatch from the left was my pick. If it’s not the final color, it’s close to it. You’re right that the first gray was just too light beside the white cabinets. There wasn’t enough contrast. All the painting and work you’ve done so far has made quite an impact.

  5. First off, your kitchen is absolutely dreamy! I can totally relate to having to repaint furniture after thinking I chose the right color. I am looooving the iron mountain paint color you chose and it adds the perfect contrast to the white cabinets. Pinned 🙂

  6. I love the final outcome! Am I correct that you changed the marble at some point? It looks much darker in the blogs where you painted the cabinets. If you don’t mind my asking, what is the name of the current marble? We are preparing to renovate our kitchen and I would love to know what your marble is so I can look for it. Many thanks, N.

  7. Love your kitchen island project! Would you share the name of the white paint you used on your cupboards? Also do you love the graphite counters? Thanks for the inspiration & honesty. Good work!

  8. Was sooo happy to find your kitchen renovation…. We are planning to replace our cabinets, island, counters, and back splash but want to keep the floors to save some money. We are going with white cabinets and a dark grey island. I was stressing over what countertop to choose so I could pull everything together. Our tile is very similar to yours in color and design and when I saw your photos I fell in love with your quartzite! It really brings everything together. So glad I found your post and am so happy to have a bit of a visual of what my kitchen will look like when done.

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