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~Hi Friends~

Can you believe it, the cabinets are in, WOO HOO! I have been working around the clock putting everything back.  Ray has been reinstalling appliances and prepping the tops of the cabinets for the countertops.  I am only giving you a little peak today, showing you a few of my favorite things.

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~Glass Cabinets~

Kitchen renovation

Huge, deep drawers make my heart sing!


The section above the oven and fridge we opted for double stack cabinets.  By installing the glass ourselves we saved about $400!


We have a ton of cabinets that are now practical and keep you well organized like this pull out spice rack.


I think the hardest part other then living without a kitchen for weeks is not really knowing what I have.  For the past year we have lived with 1 lower cabinet and everything has been kept in storage or in the garage.  So I kind of walk in circles scratching my head not knowing where to put things and not remembering what I have.  Thank God for my “other mom” who is helping me get organized and has set aside countless hours putting all my stuff away.  Look I even have one table completely cleared, now that’s what I call progress.


 Speaking of Kitchens, stop by Redhead Can Decorate for a roundup of  Superbowl recipes.  I feel super honored to be a part of “Redhead’s Kitchen” debut with 6 fabulous REDHEADS! (Shhhh…don’t tell her I’m a fake redhead) Oh and Julie is also giving away a Wilton Armetale “Gourmet Grillware Pizza Tray”, so hurry on over!


See you on Sunday for more fun, enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Your kitchen looks great. I am looking forward to the big reveal! We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and I’m right there with you…not knowing what you have or where it is.

  2. I’m LOVIN’ your kitchen! Did you start with unpainted cabinets? Did you put the trim on them or did they have the trim? What countertops did you decide on?

    1. Thanks, they came painted, we chose a color called canvas. They installed everything, if we were to go in afterwards it would cancel out our warranty. Feels strange to have someone else do all the work 🙂 We are driving up to Orange County next week to pick out the counters. Were are going with a Quartzite.

  3. It is looking beautiful Kristin! I love your new cabinets and the glass is a nice addition. You are really making progress! I know you will be so happy to have this all done. It’s exciting to see it all come together. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Kristin, I’ve been following you through the mold saga…my heart goes out to you. Your new kitchen is beautiful! Can’t wait to see the countertops! Have a great weekend.

  5. OMG, they are gorgeous! I swear you make me want to rip up my kitchen BUT since I’m temporarily in an apartment, I can’t do that LOL. That’s okay though. I will be looking for a fixer upper soon in the hopes of designing a gorgeous kitchen.

  6. It’s looking amazing!! How nice to be able to design your kitchen, so you can be organized – jealous!! So happy for you though!! :o)))

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