Kitchen hardware and more progress

~Hi Friends~

I know it has been awhile since I have updated you on the kitchen.  I figure it is a little more fun to show lots of progress vs a little here and there.

We still have a few small things to finish up and one huge item to complete which is installing countertops. I will give you a countertop update at the end of the post.  Since my last post, we have added beautiful hardware from D. Lawless Hardware. Hardware is like precious jewelry for the kitchen, it makes such a big difference.

White Kitchen

Here are the drawers under the stove before:

White kitchen cabinets

And after

Kitchen with hardwareBefore Kitchen renovation

Oh look, we put the vent in too….and after

Stove white kitchen

We went with a flat black contemporary pull for the drawers, adding 2 pulls on the larger drawers and 1 pull on the smaller drawer.  For the cabinets we opted for a flat black turned knob perfect mix of traditional and modern.


Flat black turned knobs

 The quality is absolutely fabulous and the hardware is heavy, you can’t even compare our old hardware to the hardware from D Lawless.  I worked with the nicest guy named Derick, picking out hardware is like picking out paint for me, it takes FOREVER. However, he was very patient, sent me pictures and even caught a mistake I had made on measuring, talk about top noch customer service!

Still need to add glass and add items to display

White cabinets with glass

Having worked with D Lawless there is no way I could ever go back to buying from the big box stores!  Thank you so much for making our kitchen beautiful!

So what’s next?

Finish grouting certain areas of the backsplash that had to be taken out.  They were worried the mold had crept under certain areas of the tile so to be certain they took the first row of backsplash out in certain areas.

Kitchen remodel

Unfortunately, behind the stove we had more mold damage then expected so we had to take this area out.  On the bright side we had plumbing installed for a pot filler.

IMG_0010-001The existing island contertop will be replaced with the same material we select for the rest of the countertops. I will be repainting the island to compliment the new countertops.

Lastly, we need to pick out a slab of quartzite. It is down to these three colors and I have made countless trips to the slabyards.  Because quartzite is a natural stone each slab varies in color and right now many of the slabs are coming in with a lot of gold.  In about another week they have more slabs coming in and I am hoping they will be on the beige side.


 We have come along way and we are almost finished, I can’t wait! Thanks for joining us in this journey.

If you are new and wondering why the heck we tore our kitchen down you can read all about it below:

Finding the mold
Airing out
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  1. O.M.G., Kristin … it’s gorgeous!! I love everything about it … the new knobs are perfect, too!! I know you’re enjoying it so much … I know I would!!

  2. Kristin!!! It is looking beyond gorgeous and the hardware choices are perfect!! So happy for you that you will be able to enjoy your kitchen again very soon!

  3. It’s just beautiful! Love the cabinets, love it all. I know it’s been a long journey but I am sure you will enjoy the new space for years to come!

  4. So pretty! You picked great pieces. Everything looks awesome. We’re thinking about redoing the kitchen cabinets (just paint and new hardware). I’ll definitely check out the site!

  5. GORGEOUS! Can’t wait for the final reveal! I know you are beyond excited for this to be complete. It truly looks amazing! Making my green side to come out……..”green with envy”. LOL!
    Have a great weekend, Kristin!

  6. You have my dream kitchen! I love the the stove area especially, and the backsplash is so cool. I’m sure you’ll be enjoying your beautiful kitchen for years (and I’ll be pinning it for future reference!).

  7. Looks great Kristin!! D Lawless is awesome. I’ve been using them for a few months too, and they never disappoint. You need to have a “housewarming kitchen party” when you’re all done! 🙂

  8. Kristin, I’m so happy for you that your kitchen is almost done!! I know it’s been a long journey but it’s looking beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I love the new hardware, the cabinetry, and that fab stove and hood! Can’t wait to see your countertops….fingers crossed the next shipment of slabs is more beige and you find one you love!

  9. Kristin it is absolutely gorgeous. I am SOOOO in love with that beautiful gas stove and vent and then I about died when I saw the part about the “pot filler plumbing”. OMGahhhhhhh. LOVE. Can’t wait to see the countertops too. Pinned! xo

  10. Hi Kristen, I really love the light fixtures over your island. I know you bought them a long time ago but would you happen to know the brand name? I have a spanish style home and I’m remodeling my kitchen and I would love to find something similar to them. Thanks

    1. Oh goodness, wish I could help you out but we bought them as a floor model when the store was closing. They don’t have brand or name on them, so sorry.

  11. judging by the dates on your other comments I’m late to the party. your kitchen is amazing !!!!! due to a job change and being Empty Nester We down sized from 4300 ft to 1300. We bought this cute little cottage and when the realtor turned the key it was like going back to 1960. ( husband bought it without me ) This long story has an end, we have the whole house complete except the kitchen. Your kitchen is just what I want. The color pallet is just what I want. My little pot of money for this kitchen means a lot more DIY than I planed. Glass in the doors is a deal breaker. Did you also glass the large doors. Please tell me you did and can tell me how. How do you order those ready for glass? We have to go all the way to the studs also, so I need to pinch every penny. leslie

    1. THank you so much Leslie, how exciting for you and your husband. In our old kitchen (the one we had to rip out because of mold) I have a tutorial on adding glass. You can find it here. http://myuncommonsliceofsuburbia.com/adding-glass-to-your-kitchen-cabinets/ The only step you would skip is taking out the panel of the cabinet. When you order the cabinets basically just tell them you want it glass ready, they will know what you mean. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!

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