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Organized pantry

~Hi Friends~

So happy to share the organized pantry with you!  I finished about a month ago but finally finished labeling everything this week.

Tips on organizing the pantry

I wish I snapped a photo before I took everything out so you will just have to just trust me on this.  It turned into a disaster about a year ago when we no longer could use our lower cabinets, everything just seemed to be shoved in there. The worst part, all the shelf liner paper had stuck to the shelves so my fabulous hubby sanded everything down.  After he was done sanding he gave it a fresh coat of white paint.

IMG_9115 IMG_9128

After throwing out expired food and giving away anything I had not touched in 1 year I began putting things back. To be more organized I decided to create zones.  First zone was the top shelf for all large items that are not used often.

Pantry right side

Next zone was for health items, medications, vitamins, bandages, etc. I used a mix of dollar store bins and turntables, both I already had.  Labeling baskets that you can’t see through is must.

Pantry storage with dollar basketsNext up was all my baking items, my favorite tea’s and a few sweets.


Pantry storage

We have lots of canned goods so  a whole shelf was dedicated to them.  I wrote about this system a little while back which you can read about here.

The bottom shelf, I dedicated to the kids for easy reach; snacks, napkins, straws, cups, plates, etc. The floor I have stackable bins for onions, garlic, potatoes. (we still don’t have  a full functioning kitchen so paper plates have been a life saver for now)

pantry utencils stackable bins for pantryThe left side of the pantry is used manly for dry items; cereal’s, sauces, spices, coffee and tea.  The floor holds the dog food, plastic bags and large boxes while the top shelf again has all the bulky items.
Organized pantry
The plastic containers with the green lids are from the dollar store and the baskets are from Ikea which I already had.

clear bins for cereal

DSC_0058The  back wall  holds the staples such as rice, pasta, flour, sugar and corn. Everything is in  air-tight containers for freshness. The glass containers can be found at Target and Wallmart, the tall thin containers can be found at Ikea.

Clear containers for grain and rice

pantry organized

Here is a full view, this space is sure hard to photograph but I did my best.

pantry full front

Of course, not pantry is complete without a chandi, I found this one at Ikea for $30.

Pantry front

pantry scaleHow to organize the pantry, great tips!

Zoning has definitely helped with knowing what food I have, what needs restocking, and where everything belongs. No more shoving things in!

Oh it feels so good to be organized! Thanks for taking the tour, hope you have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping in.

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  1. I wish I had a designated space like this. My shelves are organized, but they’re in a utility room that is faaaar from pretty. Looks great! And I love all the labels.

  2. It looks wonderful Kristin! Our pantry has almost the same set up and I need to organize the shelves. I love that you kept it real and not just set up for pics. You make it look so doable.

  3. I guess we’ve all been bitten by the ‘organization bug’ Kristin! LOVE you pantry dear, have to get me some of those labels you shared!

  4. Such a “pretty” pantry! Doesn’t seem like a word to use to describe a pantry, but it truly fits yours!! LOVE it!! Next time you’re in Texas, I want you to come visit, so you can help me organize mine! xoxo

  5. Great job, it looks wonderful. I am in the month of cleaning and purging and organizing. You have some great ideas I plan on trying in my own pantry. I can’t wait to show my husband the chandelier, so I can tell him, see, I am not the only one who thinks they belong in every room. Thanks for sharing your pantry. Alaina

  6. Your pantry looks fantastic Kristin! I need to do an overhaul on ours. I love how you’ve labeled everything and created zones. That makes so much sense. Great tip! How fun to have a pretty chandelier in there, too!

  7. looks great! 🙂 I so need to do this this year. We don’t have a walk in pantry, so I am very jealous of all your room! I need some pull out shelving, but all the labels and baskets you used are great inspiration. Thank you!

  8. Love your pantry and although my isn’t half that size I can take away some of those basket and bin ideas. Thanks for sharing @DearCreatives party. I’ll be featuring your post this week. Be sure to grab a featured button and share again. Theresa 😉

  9. First, I love everything…the paint, the dollars store baskets, the glass jars, and that light fixture is perfecto. Next…I have those drink monkeys too!! I forget where I found them, but the girls use to climb into the cupboard and play with those for hours when they were little! 😉 What are the odds that we both found those, lol.

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