In Home Coffee Bar

We are coffee lovers at heart in our home so it only makes sense to have a little in home coffee bar, right? I love the smell and taste of coffee and take my coffee completely black. My hubby on the other hand has to have his vanilla creamer every morning.

coffee bar on the kitchen counter

 I used a simple white plater as my tray, things always seem to look tidier when contained on a tray, I seem to have tray’s or baskets in every room of our home. I am using a ceramic measuring cup to hold my single servings and found a gorgeous sugar bowl at Pier 1.  Although the owl salt and pepper shakers have nothing to do with coffee, they are a perfect addition to this little area.

Coffee bar

I will admit I’m a little picky when it comes to coffee makers.  We originally had the Keurig which seemed to break down way too much so we switched to a Cuisinart.  I wasn’t a huge fan as the coffee never seemed to come out hot enough.  So when our new cabinets were installed and our coffee maker no longer fit I did a little research and came across this Hamilton Beach coffee maker.  I love that it has a single serve option as well as a carafe, perfect for when the hubby is traveling and It’s just me.  The best part, the coffee comes out super hot!

Coffee Maker Hamilton Beach

 This little area is perfect for our hectic mornings and even better when it’s the weekend and I get to sit back, relax and catch up on my favorite blogs!

Coffee Bar full view

Even a bigger bonus, making your coffee at home can save you big bucks!  How about you, are you a coffee drinker?

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  1. We drink lots of coffee here. It’s one of life’s small pleasure to my husband and me. I love the way you set your coffee area up…mine is pretty much like that too. And I couldn’t agree more about trays and platters.

    I need to snoop around and update myself on your kitchen. 🙂

  2. Not a coffee drinker here but we have a little coffee station for the hubs. I can’t wait until you share the rest of your kitchen. Are you almost finished?

    1. For the carafe’ you use regular grounds, for the single serve you can use the k cups or you can use the special filter and use your own grounds, perfect and saves money 🙂

  3. I love the idea of a coffee bar. I am a coffee lover myself. I have wanted a Keurig for a while now but every time I think about getting one, I read something about them breaking down. I’m not sure I want to take that chance, being a daily coffee drinker. Looks like I will keep looking at other options.

  4. I love coffee too and drinking it several times though out the day. Your little coffee area looks neat and tidy and the owls add just the right touch of cuteness! Have a great day!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

    1. Thank you So much Gigi, love my coffee in the morning a some tea in the afternoon to get me through 🙂

  5. The hubs and I share a pot in the morning and we both drink it black. I still have a tray, though, with the filters, jar of grounds, etc. I’m gonna have to look into that duel maker. I’ve never used the single serve, but I love the idea of having it for some occasions.

  6. I think coffee flows through my veins. It’s a bad day without my giant morning cup. 🙂 I love the owls! Gives that spot a bright little bit of fun to greet you in the mornings. Thanks for the tip on the Hamilton Beach brand!

  7. What an inviting coffee bar…and with everything at hand plus neat and tidy! We are seriously addicted coffee drinkers at our house, and I use a Bunn since the water is always hot…really hot and ready to go. Love the owls and the pop of blue:-)

  8. I seriously can’t function without coffee!!! I am not fully awake unless I have 2 cups – soooooo not a morning person! lol!!! Love your coffee bar setup Kristin!

  9. Oh I love your coffee bar. I have been wanting to make one. I love how you used the tray. I am like you. I have baskets and containers all over. You’ve inspired me to get my coffee bar going! Thanks for sharing.

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