What garage door opener?

The part of the garage that we converted into the mud/craft/playroom used to be a modified tandem garage. Because this room used to be part of the garage, it has many ugly protruding items, not to mention the cement floors that come up 4 inches on the wall.  It’s been a bit tricky getting around it all but this is what we came up with! Because we did this DIY, like the wall unit,  it was done on a huge budget!

How to hide a protruding object




$1 frame from a garage sale
A crystal door knob 
Some hardware sitting around in the garage
Built the back of the frame out with scrap wood
1 Coat of Spray paint
A little bit of stain to distress the frame
When you hit the crystal knob the black thing in the back pushes on the garage door opener!
Or we can just open it to get to the button
Have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by.
Here are some other area’s of the tandem garage we converted
Mudroom wall made out of bookshelves

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  1. That is the most clever thing that I have seriously ever seen!! And it is gorgeous!! You are so creative my dear!! 🙂 Going to go check out the Funky Junk now!

  2. What a clever idea!! It wouldn't work in our garage since it looks like a junk yard anwyay. But I do love those sweet cork boards with the lovely frames!

  3. I would have never thought of this, but what a great idea! Of course, we dont have a garage (yet) so I already consider you one lucky gal to have one that can fit three….or two and a half cars :0)

  4. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, Kristin! I'm trying to pretty up my garage where everyone seems to enter the house from, and I love this idea! Hmmmmmmmmm…..add it to the list of projects!

  5. This is a very neat idea! I love all the great ideas she has on her blog. I just brought home a bunch of frames from my dad's and am looking for ideas for them.

    Have a good week, Kristin!


  6. ha ha! when we were building our house I told the architect to make sure he could fit our current table in the bfast nook. Well, it fits, but you cant have any chairs around it! Took two chairs away and had to shove it up against the wall! UGH! Men!

  7. This is so fabulous. Im so stealing that idea and using it on my thermostat that sits in the middle of my cross display. Will take some brainstorming but I can make it work.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring……As Always!

  8. Wow, this is brilliant! I love it – I have been thinking about how to "cover-up" my thermostat…hum…


  9. Just darling! So creative. And you are so right about the tandem. Or who will back out a car to get the other car out? But to have the extra space is dreamy!!! So excited for your mudroom reveal!

  10. Are you kidding me??? That is so beyond clever and creative not to mention super gorgeous! It isn't often that you get functional and beautiful and you got it just right Kristin!

  11. Love this project and it's finished look is perfect. I'm going to do this for the ugly phone jack (we don't use) in the kitchen. Thanks, Kristin!

  12. This is seriously the most creative thing I ahve ever seen. Our garage is AWFUL so my hubby would laugh his A$$ off if I tried something like this but I will show him anyway:):) I LOVE the frames with cork, I could hand ALOT of jewelry on them!!! XO, Pinky

  13. I have never seen this before! Beautiful. Now I need to make one.

    We have a three car garage. Our third one has its own driveway and was actually an amazing space. But we made a room out of it for our son and left enough space where the garage door opens for a workshop for my hubby. We could use the garage space now for all the cars we have with out two oldest, young adults now, living at home again!!!

  14. genius! I love the way it looks… so much so that I would want one in my house as decor!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  15. Hey Kristin!

    How clever and cute is that? It looks great!!!

    I have an ugly doorbell thing in our dining room… would love to try this!

    Thanks for the idea! Off to check out Funky Junk COmpany.

    Have a great night!

  16. Hello,
    That is brilliant and beautiful! Wow!
    Thank you for sharing. It will look nice in your new mudroom.
    Thank you for leaving a comment.

  17. Ok, this just is genius! I am really impressed with this idea! You could sell these! I have two openers to cover!!(one of those wacky large garages too) Love it! Thanks!

  18. This is one of the coolest things I have seen. I would have never ever thought about doing something like this.

    I would love for you to come over to my blog and check out the "sweet" giveaway I am hosting. I loved that I won yours. Thanks again.

  19. That is so cool!!!! I am going to keep my eyes open for a cool frame that I can use. Thanks for the great idea.

  20. I was at Michaels tonight and was looking at the cork board thinking I could frame it….wow! to see you did it too!

  21. Fabulous idea, if only my garage were that lovely. I may have to borrow this idea to spruce mine up a bit. Is it wrong to want a pretty garage? Hugs-Carrie

  22. You made my day!! I have been trying to come up with something to hide my thermostat, I can't wait to get started – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  23. Okay, if this doesn't win some sort of award, I don't know what will! This is brilliant. I love its simplicity and its functionality. I never would have thought to make a "garage" for my garage door opener, but there you have it. 😉

  24. how cute and clever, that garage door cover!! who would have ever thought?? pure genius. LOVE the framed cork boards too!

  25. That is just the coolest idea for concealing a garage door opener. I am bookmarking this for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

  26. This is genius! I absolutely love it! And I love you don't have to open it to still open the garage. Saw you featured at It's So Cheri. Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. Here from ASPTL and I am soooo glad I came by! We have a thermostat (that we need to get to all the time, and a security doo-dad that I don't even think works. Definitely going to do this!

  28. Found you via Funky Junk Interiors. I love this post and I can't wait to dig around your archives!

  29. I have a dog that knows how to open my dead bolt and did for some perfect strangers while were away. I went out to buy new locks and they don't even carry the nice door sets with top and bottom locks. After realizing I was STILL up a creek I was getting really frustrated and still very unsafe. I saw the child locks for the door knobs, but nothing for the deadbolt. Then I remembered seeing this picture on Pinterest! Yes! I'm going to do this to cover our deadbolt on our front door and that little Houdini cannot get out again 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!!!! Over and over again!

  30. Oh my, so beautiful and so functional! Love it.

    Came over from Thistlewood Farm. 🙂
    Happy to be a new follower.

  31. This would be perfect for hiding a thermostat. nobody would think that something is under this. super cute!!

  32. Hi Kristin,
    I know this post is long gone but I found it late and you inspired me. I do not like the look of doorbells (no matter what). When I saw that you covered you garage door opener I decided to cover my doorbell! I made a gorgeous corkboard from a large old frame and covered it with that. Voila! Beauty where there once was ugly.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  33. Please everyone that thinks this will be great for the thermostat remember that you need airflow and are not to block the thermostat. The ladies in my design group would have placed pictures over theirs especially the ones right in the middle of the largest wall in the room. One of the ladies husbands worked on HVAC and said it will interfere with regulation of the temp. Please check before you do.

    I love the idea for any of the other unsightly “boxes” the telephone jack or intercomes etc. Soooo clever that you don’t have to even lift the flap to use the opener.

  34. While a cute idea, it wouldn’t make sense for me to cover up something that is used several times a day. Agree that you should never cover up a thermostat. I doubt I’d cover up a door bell (I’m assuming you mean the inside box) unless you want the sound muffled.

    1. This was in part of the garage that we made into a office so we never use the opener. It was an easy fix ::)

  35. I think that people will wonder what is there because of the doorknob,but the doorb knob is pretty.

  36. LOVE THIS! Cant wait to figure out what I can frame and hide around my house 🙂 Hi from your newest follower by the way! Hope you can stop by Wonderful at Homes blog http://www.wonderfulathome.blogspot.com when you can. We have a giveaway going on through tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm so maybe you can win something! Glad I found your blog and cant wait to start seeing your posts!

  37. I’ve never left a comment anywhere….although I’ve seen some really unique, adorable and/or clever things….but that hiding (truely) ugly boxes with that frame is an absolutely terrific idea!
    And I mean….you’re like, yeahhh, got it from the fleamarket, 1 $ took is like 30 min, and therefore it’s pretty ok…..HELLO! The purpose and the looks are brilliant!
    VERY nicely done!It came out beautifully !! What an inspiration! Thank you!
    Greetings from Germany!

  38. Can u leave a step by step of how you did this? I don’t have enough info to make this on my On my way! just from the pix posted. I’m confused! I’m crafty but not so great with wood. I need specifics so I don’t mess this up. I really want to do this!

  39. Something similar could be built to cover up the breaker box. I have a breaker box in what is now a bedroom/craft room but was once the carport. I currently have it covered up with a pretty tin sign, but this would be even prettier.

  40. Only thing I’d change is to put the hinge on the bottom so as to make pressing the button a one-handed operation for when your hands are full. Well done!

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