The mudroom~craftroom~playroom~reveal!

Ready for the big reveal?
It’s such a tight space to photograph but I tried my best.
I have had so much fun transforming this room with you! Thanks for being so patient  with us and joining in on the ride!
Walking in from the garage looking straight ahead
at the kids computer area and toy storage.

If you walk in from the house you see my craft area where I painted my grandmothers
Sewing machine.


Walking in from the garage you see the mudroom wall.
Some of you asked where we purchased the book shelf.  It was a craigslist find for $30. I have seen them new at Ikea for $99. 
The bench was free at a garage sale.
You can find out how we made the wall organizer out of two used pieces here.

Hooks from Target
DIY Mudroom Wall using bookshelves, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia DIY Mudroom Wall using bookshelves, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia-7


Woven baskets from Ikea. I covered the magazine holders with fabric.

 The kids craft area is bright and sunny under the window.
The shutters were purchased on Craigslist for $20.
Table was free from a friend, which I transformed.

Learn how to make a organized mudroom wall using 2 used bookshelves from Ikea

Here are some before shots, so bad!



Once again, thank you, for your support, encouragement and such kind words!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Wow! Looks fantastic Kristin! I love the built in with the seat, hooks and storage! Great job!

      1. Hi Becki, I’m so sorry I don’t, this was 10 years ago and the room is now an office. If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them.

  2. Your mudroom looks amazing Kristin! I love soo much about it! Well done! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous and functional use of the space! Well done! So many great detials. It must be a joy to have such a pretty and functional area.

  4. Wow, wow, wow! It is so beautiful! What's even better is it's beautiful and super functional. I love that! Great job!
    p.s. what section of Target did you find the metal baskets in? I'm at Target all the time and I've never seen them. maybe I need to look in a different part of the store?

  5. Wow, Kristin…absolutely fabulous job! I totally love this room…multi-purpose and gorgeous!!! Great work! xoxo Beth

  6. I love it Kristin! What a fabulous space for you and the kids to play, craft, explore…wonderful!

  7. You did an amazing job, Kristin. I love the bench and shelves and all the details. Perfect!


  8. Kristin – what a great transformation of this a multi-purpose space! Love your sewing machine area and all the girly touches there for you. The bench and hooks are fabulous too.

  9. Wow Kristin, you did such a beautiful job on your room! I love all the areas you created! I really love how you covered your garage door opener too!

  10. Well, my friend, this just might be the most *FABULOUS* makeover I have seen in a LONG time!

    You did a fantastic job, I am truly in awe. The ruffles are the cutest, I love the contrasting color and the feel of the room must be awesome when you walk in from a busy day. I would love something like that to welcome me home! ;o)

    Oh, and I am feeling MUCH better! Thank goodness! That was ridiculous! ;o)


  11. Oh my gosh!! What an amazing transformation! It is so functional andakes such fantastic use of every nook and cranny! I am in total awe….

    Big hugs


  12. You did an amazing job. It's just gorgeous. I love all the little details and special touches you added.

  13. Well done my friend! I just love it. My mother would love this, so I am going to forward this to her as soon as I am done with this comment. Great job!

  14. LOVE, love, love every detail of your gorgeous makeover, Kristin! All of that hard work has paid off so beautifully, you guys should be so proud!! Fabulous bargain finds mixed with your stunning style, equals perfection!! Enjoy your fabulous new room, lovely lady!! ~ Tina xx

  15. What a beautiful room! I would want to hang out in there all day! Such beautiful details with the chandelier, amazing storage and that gorgeous bench/shelf area! Amazing transformation!

  16. Looks awesome Kristin! All the work and little touches all add up to a wonderful, beautiful and functional space!

  17. Fantastic job, Kristin!!! ……….. now I can't wait the next 😉

    Big hugs and a wonderful new week


  18. Hi Kristin

    It looks so bright an cheery, I bet your kids love hanging out in here – and will love putting their things away as soon as they walk in the door. 🙂 What a beautiful transformation.

    My best- Diane

  19. wowzer! it is all just soooo beautiful! so soft, pretty, whimsical, kristin! wonderfully done!

  20. wowzer! it is all just soooo beautiful! so soft, pretty, whimsical, kristin! wonderfully done!

  21. What a beautiful transformation! Love the baskets, love the chandelier, love it all! Great job!

  22. Hallelujah Kristin! Although we have been along for the ride and have seen it come together, it is so nice to see full photos and it all pieced together. Well worth the wait. It's amazing!

    Take care,

  23. Kristin this is such an amazing room! You did such a wonderful job with everything! All your details are so pretty and I still just can't believe the storage. Enjoy your creative/mudroom space and thank you for taking us along, I enjoyed it very much!

  24. What a transformation! I am in love with your color choices. I'm sure everyone will enjoy the space. Great job!

  25. It was worth the wait to see the finished project. I think you guys did an amazing job transforming this area of your home. It's so organized but still warm and inviting. I know you love and by all of the comments above you know we love it, too!

  26. Great transformation, it's awesome! I love the little details you've added. The Target baskets are perfect. You did a lovely job with all the sewing! I'm sure it's such an enjoyable room now 🙂 So user friendly. Really love your corner, too!
    Becky C

  27. What a wonderful room! I love it all! Great job on the makeover. I'd like to come play in there. I'm especially fond of the color palatte and the storage areas!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. what an amazing difference, you must be enjoying it. you did an excellent job. my favourite is the bench area and the hooks and shelving above

  29. Absolutely stunning. Hard to believe you could make so many useful areas in one space. Your sewing corner looks wonderful as well as convenient. Great coat/storage/bench area, love the way you hid the garage door opener. Totally great colors, usefulness and decoration.
    – Joy

  30. Wow, Kristin! I think it's an awesome use of space! Love all your attention to detail… from the garage door opener, to the ruffles! Beauty and function! Your little sewing corner is perfect. I could see spending a lot of time there. It was fun to see it all come together. Looks great!!!

  31. Love your new space Kristin!! It's so girly and creative, and functional and fun…great work! Isn't decorating with organization the best. So jealous over here in NC!


  32. Kristin, This new space is fabulous!! It is so light and airy and such a pretty space. I love that you added a crystal chandy too. Beautiful!

  33. I love it! There are just so many things I like about this room that I'm not even going to attempt to list them all. Lets just say I love it and wish you could come over and make me one!

  34. That is one beautiful room! My favorite idea was the cover for the garage door. Our home has remote controls for some of our fans/lights. They are so ugly, but we haven't found a way to hide them. Thinking we might try hiding them the way you did since they aren't used that much.

  35. I am in LOVE with this and totally jealous! You did the most amazing job and it turned out gorgeous!

  36. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Kristin…what a beautiful room you have cozy and inviting. LOVE it.


  37. Isn't it exciting when you finally finish a project and just love it!! Working together on your home for your family to enjoy…can't wait to get back to that!!

  38. Kristin,
    You are so tallented, stunning stunning, there are so many things to mention that I love !!! bench w/ wire baskets and childrens names,ruffle curtain! OMG

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. What a gorgeous, gorgeous space! Form, function, beauty … it's all there. Your family must really be enjoying your "new" space. Thanks for sharing! *Becca*

  40. Well done on fitting a lot in a little space. I love the overhead shelves with the bench below and the little cover you made for the garage door opener.

  41. It looks fantastic! Everything is so bright and cheery, with a place for everything. You did an outstanding job!

  42. Wow Kristin! That is no ordinary mudroom! Your mudroom is fabulous! I love the transformation! Now can you come down here and transform mine? Mine is so far down on my list of room to do's that it will probably be 2012 before I get to it!

    ~ Tracy

  43. Oh my gosh…you did a wonderful job..thats not like any mudroom I have ever seen,should be in "Country Living" you must be so happy with it!!! Now relax and enjoy it! x0x0

  44. It's so pretty! what a nice room to walk into -it would make me smile everytime! you did a great job and of course, I love your ruffles 🙂

  45. Perfection! It is absolutely beautiful. Great job on making such a multi-functional space look so good {and organized!}

  46. You added so many perfect touches!!! It is a GREAT mudroom!!! It really reflects your awesome style! My fav's…are the baskets under the bench….BRAVO, Kristin!

  47. It is gorgeous, Kristin! I love every inch of it. You have put a lot of thought into each detail that went into your space. You did a fabulous job. It's a nice and light and airy room, with lovely colors and the perfect touch of bling. I adore the ruffled curtain and those beautiful pillows you made with the sweet ruffle. Your mudroom should be featured in a magazine!

  48. super makeover Kristin!! It came out just gorgeous. what a nice space to come home to. 🙂

  49. Kristin…you did a fabulous job on this….love so many things about the whole room. Wish I had a space like this!

  50. OMG Kristin it is fabulous and your photos are so bright. It's so cool that you did all of the detail work yourself, I love your creativity.
    Great job my friend.

  51. Hi! I'm a new follower to your blog and linked up to your Tuesday's Treasures party. I love your blog and have a feeling I will be reading a lot more from you! 🙂

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