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Mudroom Wall Reveal!

I bet you thought the day would never come where the mudroom wall unit was complete.
To be honest, I didn’t either, considering we started this January 1st!  This whole piece started with 2 bookshelves from Ikea and transpired from there,  I have the full tutorial for you below!
DIY Mudroom Wall using bookshelves, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

~Here is what the wall looked like before~

The first thing we did was paint the bookshelves.  We purchased one of the bookshelves on craigslist and the other we found for FREE!
How we painted the bookshelves:

Oil based primer

Swiss Coffee semi gloss paint

Heavy duty cleaner

Assorted Sandpaper

3M Sanding Sponge

Wood Filler

Painters Masking Tape

Painter’s Acrylic Latex Caulk

All-Purpose Tack Cloth

Plastic Drop Cloth

Foam Mini Roller

Angle Trim Brush

Putty Knife


If you see any gaps or dings fill them with wood filler.

Degrease everything, Tsp is a great degreaser as is vinegar and hot water.

Sand everything I used an electric sander with medium grit (80 or 100).

Prime with an oil based primer. Foam rollers will give you the look as though your cabinets have been sprayed.

Lightly sand

 Caulk away, it will hide all imperfections.

Paint your desired color using a foam roller or spray them.

NOTE: Latex paint will adhere perfectly to oil-based primer. Latex primer over oil paint will not work at all.

Let it dry, buff out any drips and give it another coat.

Sanded primed and painted

Next, my husband began building the unit with scrap wood we had laying around.

Add the bookshelf above

Add box above bookshelf to make it look like a heightened cabinet.
We did this in the kitchen.

Start adding trim and wainscot

Make shadow boxes

More Trim

Lots of trim makes everything pretty!


Finish it off with a fresh coat of paint!

Learn how to make a organized mudroom wall using 2 used bookshelves from Ikea Turn 2 bookshelves into a organized wall unit. Step by Step Tutorial with pictures!


Considering the kitchen took us 5 years, this is pretty fast for us!
I’ll be posting pictures of the whole room on Monday!
Hope your weekend is fabulous!

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  1. Wow Kristin!
    It looks fantastic! I can't believe the magic you guys create w/ the woodwork & trim!! Very inspiring…..Love it!!

  2. Fantastic!! I really love the gym baskets with the names on them on the bottom so cute. Wonderful craftsmanship!!!

    Now you can curl up on that bench with a cup of tea and enjoy the weekend =0)

  3. Love it Kristin!!!! It's amazing!!! and you know what? I've used the same Ikea fabric (the white with the grey daisies one) for my hallway!!! But this is a project I'm still working on, so it's not finished yet!!! have a great week end!!!!

  4. Kristin it's beautiful and your husband deserves a real treat for all that work! One constructive critique, all the baskets are too small – will the wire baskets fit up top? Or maybe make some to fit? Otherwise love the look and the beadboard and the frugal finds. Well done.

  5. It looks so beautiful! So light. brigt, and cheery! I love all the cute storage too!

  6. Okay, it's my turn to … ME OH MY!!! It looks like custom cabinetry! Just gorgeous! I love the hooks, baskets and all the wainscoting/trim! I know it won't take long to fill those baskets with 3 boys 🙂 Looks fantastic, girl!

  7. You, my friend are AMAZING! That first photo looks like it is out of a magazine!!

    Fantastic job, it really looks incredible. Those cubbies were a great idea! It is just all so cheerful and happy!


  8. Kristin,
    You must be so thrilled with this result, it is so beautiful, and so functional on top of all the prettiness. Wow. I love how you ran the shelving to the ceiling and added the molding (like you did in your kitchen!), it adds so much and takes advantage of the ceiling height. What a wonderful space to have, great job!! Janell

  9. You are a superwoman!!! It looks so functional and beautiful! That would have taken me 2 years as opposed to 2 months. Can't wait to see the rest of the space!

  10. You and the carpenter deserve a pat on the back for doing such a great job. And you say this is your mud room! Beautiful.
    I just finished cleaning my mud room and mine will never be as pretty as yours, but I can't get down on myself because living on 5 acres in the country there will always be mud if there are children, husbands and dogs. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Wow! That is really amazing. Do you think we could swap husbands for a couple of weeks? lol My husband is good at laundry if that helps you decide 🙂 lol.

    It really is amazing. I need something like that in my mudroom. Just absolutely beautiful Kristin!

  12. Kristin what a sweet space, You and hubby did a great job. It looks totally different!!! I know your family will love using this space!! KS

  13. This is stunning, Kristin! Look at all that storage you have! I love all the pretty trim and woodwork…your husband is very handy, can you send him over?! ;-D

    I love it!


  14. Looks mag worthy for sure!!! I love the fact that you used a bookcase as one of the main components and then trimmed it out. Just fabulous and so functional.

    My best- Diane

  15. Kristin, Your mudroom should be in a magazine! You and your husband did an outstanding job and it is absolutely beautiful! I love how clean and pretty it is. Wow!!


  16. Hi Kristin,
    This looks really great! Thanks for all the detailed photo's, very inspiring!
    Have a good weekend,

  17. Fantastic! Great attention to detail (the trim takes it from basic to wow) and it looks so very pretty. The after looks like you paid big bucks to have a contractor do the work -you guys did a great job! I'm sure this project, with your tutorial pics, will inspire others.
    Organizing projects (especially those that include trimwork) are my favourite to see.

  18. Oh my, that looks so good Kristin! You guys did a great job. It is such a nice mix of being functional and pretty. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend ♥

  19. Wow! It looks awesome. We all knew ude get it done;)……….so functional too. I love the baskets under the bench, im sure ur boys will fill them to the brim. ………Bonnie

  20. Simply Gorgeous Kristin! I have mudroom Envy;) Job well done … I love what you created with the old book case, bench & scrap wood!

  21. I don't have a mudroom but if I did I'd want it to look just like this.
    You and your husband did a fantastic job. It looks great.

  22. This turned out amazing Kristin! Love how you've dressed it up too! The trim really works to pull it all together like one custom unit! Great job.

  23. Kristin, You have an amazing gift to make your house a HOME. Beautiful~
    Have a pretty day!

  24. oh kristin!!! well worth the wait- it is amazing! you stylized it beautifully as well and it is just so you!!! lovely!
    happy weekend, friend!

  25. oh kristin!!! well worth the wait- it is amazing! you stylized it beautifully as well and it is just so you!!! lovely!
    happy weekend, friend!

  26. very very nice kristin….i wish i had a place *mudroom* that i could create something as beautiful as this…btw….love the chandy!!!

  27. wow! It looks so great…a lot of details and I love that….very very nice!

    Anne Marie

  28. WOW!!

    You are amazing!! so creative, clean looking, function.. really.. love the details.

    Fabulous!!! Congrats.. it is lovely

  29. Wow! I was proud of my little measly hooks I just did but now I am a little disappointed!! haha =) Looks amazing!

  30. I was looking for an alternative to cabinets or floating shelves for one wall in my kitchen – this is PERFECT. Thanks so much for sharing!

  31. You did a fantastic job and it looks sooooo great! I had to smile about your words '…you thought the day would never come' 🙂 I know, that some works need a long time. There are the kids, the daily work, new ideas, bad feeling, other projects, sun, rain, …………..

    But now you're ready and you can be proud!!!!

    Have a wonderful sunday



  32. Kristin!! This is amazing!! Just beautiful! I'm so impressed with your skills (you and husband, of course!). I am so so envious of your beautiful new mudroom! I need this exact same thing in mine!! If you could see the state of my front entry right now….oh my. Not good.
    I love all your little pink details too 🙂 gorgeous!

  33. WOW! You and hubby did a fantastic job! It looks fabulous! I love the addition of the trim and all the other special touches. It was very creative how you took different pieces and made it look like one. I would love something like that in my mudroom but I have two hutches in there and they leave little room for anything else.

    ~ Tracy

  34. It looks so great, Kristin! Nice job all the way around! I'd love to know the paint you used on the shelving piece when you get to that post.

  35. What a wonderful job…it looks beautiful! We put a couple of bookcases and a desk in our mudroom until we can build shelves! It takes us awhile to decide what exactly to do! but you've given me some great ideas! Thanks! ♥

  36. This is FANTASTIC! I had to keep scrolling back up when I saw words like, "free bench" and "$30 bookshelves". What?!? Free? Love how you built up the top and added the crown moulding. Truly fantastic. Worth the wait. 😉

  37. Kristin, I love it! How creative to take a free bench and a $30.00 bookcase and make this beauty. It turned out wonderful.

  38. Well it's about time. I think we have all been dying to see this for a long time now. It is fabulous. Love the colors and it is so light and airy. Can't wait to see the rest!

    Take care,

  39. ah, i love it…all the cute cubbies and baskets! can't wait to see the whole room!!

  40. Well worth the suspense. It is beautiful. I am so impressed and inspired with how you take your finds and create such a gorgeous space. I just want to hang out there! Well done, Kristin. I think I need to just start "Adding wainscoting and trim everywhere!"

  41. Wow, just fantastic. Love how pretty it is. You did a great job on all the wood working. Really makes it look substantial!

  42. Wow, wow, wow! It turned out fabulous. You must be thrilled! I cannot wait to see the rest on Monday.

  43. Wow.. that is wonderful.. you mudroom just won me over as a new follower! BTW mudroom doesn't do that room justice.

  44. Kristen, it looks fabulous! Y'all did a fantastic job on that trim job. My husband is a stickler for trim done right and y'all did it right. Now I just wish I could get my guy to add trim to my kitchen and powder room.

  45. Kristin! This is just gorgeous! I love it, love it!! Who would have thought that a mudroom could look so darn pretty!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment and support on my post – I will email properly when I get the chance! mwah

    Big hugs


  46. Looks so bright and cheery! You did a wonderful job!!

    I got my pretty giveaway treasures too…thanks so much!!

  47. BEAUTIFUL !! So crisp, clean and inspiring. I love the storage "cubes," pretty fabric and amazing talent behind all of this. Thanks for sharing! Becca

  48. Wow… That looks fantastic! I'm definitely impressed with your handiwork and mostly, creativity!

  49. Kristin,
    It Looks lovely! You have worked so hard, and it has paid off. Love how peaceful it feels in there, you are right…that is probably the only time it will look so beautiful and untouched. I hope you fully enjoy the new space.
    On another note, did you know you won my giveaway? Might want to pop over and send me your mailing address! : )
    Have a great weekend.

  50. Hi Kristin! WOW!! That look so absolutely gorgeous! You guys did a fantastic job and every single detail has been so carefully thought out and executed and it looks like it was always meant to be there. 🙂 We were so thrilled to see your link pop up at our Inspiration Friday party and we appreciate you joining in the fun this week!

  51. Kristin that is one of the prettiest mudrooms that I have ever seen!! 🙂 You guys did an amazing job and I bet you are just loving it!!!! I love all the storage that you created in there and all your treasures are so pretty!!!

  52. That is so beautiful! I love the how-to section. The trim just makes it all the more finished looking. Great job!

  53. Very pretty. What a nice job. All the trim really finishes it off nicely. This is my first time to your blog. I'll be looking around. Dropping by from Met Monday. Hope you'll check out the chairs I had recovered when you have a few minutes.


  54. Hi Kristin, your mudroom belongs in a PB magazine!! I just love everything about it! Just became your newest follower. Would love it if you stopped by when you get a chance and follow back. Martina

  55. WOW girl you been busy here! What a fantastic job! I just love every little detail and all your fabulous Kristin touches!

  56. Fantastic! I'm loving every bit of it. I'm your newest follower, found you over at Miss Mustard Seed.
    Scissors & Spatulas

  57. I saw this on Miss Mustard Seed. I am bench happy right now and to me this is just AWESOME!!!

  58. This is amazing…I love your style and how you have filled the shelving – it looks fantastic 🙂

  59. This space is just so creative in every knook and corner! So many wonderful ideas for my garage re-do this Spring. I guess I am your newest follower and I couldn't be more tickled! Thanks for sharing. ~Melanie

  60. Just found a pic of this on Pinterest & have to say….I’M IN LOVE!!!!!!

    We’ve got some big reno plans & you’ve managed to get the picture in my head on to your own wall! Thank-you!! Always great to have pics to show the hubby what I mean 🙂

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