Mudroom progress

Although I’m far from being finished with the redesign of the room, I’m happy to say a lot of
items that are meaningful to our family are up. 
I suspended the boys photographs from the ceiling,
it gives the room a magical affect.

I then dug through the kids memory boxes and grabbed a few sentimental
drawings and displayed them behind frames.

For the two larger frames I though it would be neat to keep the frame open,  that way I can easily change out the art.
I did the same for my “top secret” side of the room

The boys love seeing their artwork displayed behind the frames!
Another picture hanging from the “sky”
All of the frames I had sitting in the closet

Gave each one a coat of primer

Painted the larger ones with leftover zicron from our master bedroom and the smaller ones with Summer White.

I added some twine on the back of the larger frames

I love shopping the house and spending zero dollars!
 The hubby loves it too!

Is your kids artwork taking over your home?
Here are some ideas that might help you out:

Group and hang them together in the house
Turn them into a postage stamp
Save them for cards for a future date
Take a picture of it and your possibilities are endless
transfer to a mug/mouse pad/blanket/purse/cards/canvas or just make a photo album
Hang them from a curtain rod
OK last but not least and don’t hate me for saying it
 throw some out!
Can’t do it?
Take pictures of all of them and store them on a CD then you won’t feel guilty!
Hope you have a fabulous day, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Kristin

    I am very guilty of storing way too many of my kids lovely creativity over the years. I am absolutely in love with the frames and twine for hanging them up! Such a novel idea, and being "framed" makes it so much more special.

    Lovely, lovely!!



    PS – come over for a wee visit – I have my new blog up!! xx

  2. It's all looking lovely in your mudroom…oh, to have a mudroom….even the word sounds so lovely to me!! I really like the colours you've chosen for the walls – it looks so different from the 'before'…hard to believe it's the same room!

    And I love these ideas for children's art. I keep their best things and bin the rest!! What a mean mummy!!


  3. I think we all know this "problem" 😉 So many images and little gifts of children… Your idea is fabulous – so all are happy and it looks fantastic. Oh Kristin, you're great!!!

    I wish you a wonderful day


  4. How fantastic this looks and what a great idea to repurpose those frames and use your kids' artwork! You are always so inspiring, Kristin! I have boxes of my 4 children's artwork., report cards, etc. and they are grown!! Time to purge and use one of your ideas!!


  5. i love displaying my kids art everyone too…what a great idea the frames with the pegs and string are….what a great idea love that a lot:)

  6. What a nice mudroom :-)you always surprise me! I keep my kids art attack in differents box.. each one has the date on it, and sometimes we take a look together.. it's nice…

  7. So nice! I love how you used the kids' artwork. My mom still has my high school artwork up in her house and I'm in my 30's!

  8. Funny, I just did the same thing in my sewing studio this past weekend: used a huge frame that once held an old piece of art, removed the picture and glass. Attached twine to the back and then hung colorful things on it that cheer me up and inspire me,attaching them with clothespins. I LOVE it!

  9. I think you have done a wonderful job making the space very personal! You have made your kids feel special too by putting their artwork on display – everything you do looks lovely.

  10. Looks great !! I have my son's art displayed in art frames in our mudroom, too! They make me happy. And, I love how you left the frame open and used clothespins! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the kids artwork, what a happy little spot! I try to keep the big things, I don't save everything, I do feel guilty but there is just no room, I already have two big storage bins full! 🙂

    I can't wait to see the room!! Have a wonderful day!

  12. Sweet ideas! Our kids are long past the time for artwork like this, but we still have boxes for each one filled with school papers, awards, and of course art work.

    I love your fresh new mudroom and can't wait to see the rest.

  13. Love the large frames with twine in the back! What a great idea … and a great way to switch things up! 🙂

    – Lauren

  14. Love all the artwork by your kids. I have my boys art here and there around the house – they are my treasured masterpieces!

  15. Looks great Kristin….ummmm….and we are dying to see the "top secret" side…just so you know. ;o)


  16. Kristin, This looks great! I have tons of artwork too. I am going to do a wall in our playroom with some picture wire. Hoping it comes out as good as I envision it!!! LOL

  17. I love displaying my kids artwork like this. I've been doing it for years, it's so much cheaper than any other 'print' you can buy, it's more sentimental, and it's just cuter and more colorful (which is why I like my cream/neautral color decor). I especially love the twine frames you added. That would be great for hanging notes that need to be returned to school, or important dates, gift cards or coupons.
    Thanks for sharing…always love your posts!

  18. The framed artwork is wonderful. It builds so much self-esteem, I think. The open frame idea is genius. I am going to have to copy that one for sure! My favorite is the hanging pictures of the boys…they are so handsome!

  19. great ideas! I love the clothespin idea to keep switching things up – I may incorporate this idea in my office/studio! 🙂

  20. Every once in awhile my son will find something in the trash and ask me why it was in there and I say, "Oh my! How did that get in there?" 🙂 Between sunday school papers and regular school papers they would take over! I save things for awhile, put them on clipboards hanging on the wall in the playroom or on door in our laundry room or the bulletin board in the kitchen and then sort through to decide which to save and which to covertly "recycle". Each kid has a keepsake box in their closet and much of it ends up in there. Sigh…it is so hard to stay on top of that stuff but I LOVE the idea of taking pics of them! Genius! 🙂

  21. You are so creative and stylish, Kristin. Love the way you display the artwork. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Have a great week.

  22. I LOVE it. You must be so excited about the space. I love the artwork displayed! I like the white frames as well. Makes me think I should repaint some of our darker ones. Looking good my friend.

  23. It's looking great! I love the artwork! I bet your boy's faces just lit up when they saw their little masterpieces framed and hanging on the wall. The photo of your little boy is priceless….those eyes and that smile! Adorable!

  24. What a happy space! Love your idea of framing their artwork. The open frames with clothespins… very clever! It's hard for me to decifer which is a keepsake. Great tips on what to do with the excess. I bet they just love being in that room! You're doing good, Kristin 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  25. You're so smart with the frames and string!!! Love that! you're inspiring me to carve out a nook for a mini-mudroom!!

  26. Kristin, I love all the thought that you put into this area of your home. I am sure your kids feel loved every time they see their artwork framed. I really like your changeable art displays. Very nice!


  27. Adorable Kristin! I loved hanging up their art work when my boys were little. And yes, you have to be strong and throw some out! They will take over your house 🙂

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