DIY Wine Charms

Over the weekend we are going to have some of our  friends over for a wine and food pairing party.   

Trying to distinguish who’s glass is who’s can be a little confusing especially after tasting a few.
I decided to make my own charms using what I had around the house.
I cut the wire
Cut the corks into  5 pieces. I found the foam ones work much better and don’t crumble.
Using a needle,  thread the wire  through the center of the cork.
Add any embellishments (the girls get pearls)
Write the guests name or initials
Wrap the wire around the stem of the wine glass.

Add a bow
The boys get  black

Make wine charms out of old corks


The girls get pink

~So easy~

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  1. You are just too clever! I love the little pearls strung on the wire. I'll have to remember this one! Looks like a "pinner" lol


  2. I have tons of corks…tons and now I know what to do with them!! Thanks! I think they will be my new hostess gifts!!

  3. So cute. Many years ago when I used to have dinner parties I always added wine charms. These are so great.Sending big hugs and sincere wishes for a weekend filled with joy, Katherine

  4. What a great idea!! So easy and so cute! May have to try that for my next party! Thanks for sharing!

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