Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Living in San Diego, dining outside is one of my favorite things to do.  As a family, we love to take our meals outside and enjoy the fresh air.  Many times we have impromptu wine and appetizer gatherings on our back porch with friends. At the end of each summer, we throw an end of a summer dinner party to celebrate friendships.  Regardless, if it is with family or friends, nothing is ever elaborate, simple food, good company and good conversation.

I have compiled some inspirational pictures and plenty of tips to help you create your perfect outdoor dining party.


 Dining Al Fresco sparks something inside that makes you sit back, relax and enjoy a long and leisurely dinner, the way food should be eaten.

Comfortable seating will keep your guests staying longer.


House and Home


A fire pit keeps your guests warm and is definitely romantic.

In our yard, we have lots of little conversation areas which encourage guests to roam.

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

With all that in mind, I will still say this magical makeover at Brooke Burke’s outdoor area is still one of my favorites.

How about you, do you have any tips for outdoor dining and entertaining?

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  1. We just made over our back yard. It’s small since we live in more of a “city” area and not so much the ‘burbs, but we made it work for entertaining and for our kids to play. LOVE sitting outside at night in the summer with the twinkle lights on and soft music playing!

  2. I love your idea for throwing blankets over the backs of chairs. Being in Georgia, that’s not even an option during the humid dog days of summer (since it barely dips below 85 degrees some nights), but I love the idea for a cool autumn evening! Not to mention, San Diego is the perfect place for ANY outdoor event. Lucky you!

    For really hot summer days in the South, I have a misting fan that works wonders. Not going to lie, it’s a product I sell, but I have them out anytime we have an outdoor event. It’s so interesting how it works. It can lower the temperature 30 degrees, but it doesn’t even get you wet! It’s perfect for an outdoor cookout (especially since the grill just makes everyone even hotter!)

    Another one of your tips I love is creating different cozy conversation areas all over to encourage guests to mingle! This is a great post and I’ll definitely be following you from here on out. Thanks so much!

  3. My tip would be for anyone living in climates (unlike San Diego) where you can’t get out to enjoy the outdoors several months in a row from snow…….. to get out NOW and enjoy them!

    Not much of a tip huh!


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