How to Create a Hanging Basket Using Coco Liners

I have a quick and easy tutorial on freshening up those hanging baskets with new coco liners. And at the end of the post, I’m sharing just a few pictures from my mom’s celebration of life.

Hanging baskets overflowing with flowers are so beautiful but those liners can wear over time which can cause them to look pretty dingy. My iron basket from a few years back, was still in perfect condition so I decided to purchase new coconut liners and start fresh.  I found mine on Amazon but I have seen them at Home Depot/Lowes as well.  Our weather here in San Diego is pretty mild, so I decided to plant succulents so they can last all year.

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Coco Plant Liner Sheets 
Potting soil
Wire basket
Flowers, succulents, plants of your choice
Optional: Plastic Liner

Why Use Coco Liners?  They make it easy to saturate the plants with water without waterlogging the roots.


Line The Basket with coco:

This process is pretty simple, by making cuts that are the same dimensions as your basket.  Measure each side of your basket and cut the coco liner accordingly. If you have a larger piece of coco that would fit your entire basket you can simply soak the coconut liner in water for about 30 seconds so it will mold to the basket. Place the damp liner over the basket and press it down so it lines the basket.





For the bottom of the basket, I overlapped a few remaining pieces.  (Saving those longer pieces for next summer)

I attached a few zip ties to keep the liner in place.

Place a plastic liner over the coco and poke holes for drainage

This is completely optional.   This step will slow water loss so the plants don’t dry out as quickly. Because I’m planting succulents I left the liner out.  If you are planting flowers without the extra liner, just keep a close eye out on the moisture levels.

Fill With Soil

Fill the hanging basket about halfway full with potting organic high-quality soil, which is lightweight so the basket isn’t too heavy.  If you are planting succulents you would want to use Cactus Palm or succulent Potting Soil.


Here comes the fun part, start planting!

When this basket hangs it is slanted so I try to keep the taller plants in the back and the shorter plants up front.



Arrange Trailing Flowers

With a rectangular basket, I added trailing flowers on the corners of the basket. These plants will fill in blank spots quickly, giving you a full look with fewer plants.

Continue to add your plants until you are happy with the way it looks.

Water Thoroughly

Water the newly planted basket until you see runoff.  If you have only planted flowers and are in a dry climate, I would water daily, succulents I water about 1 time a week.

And here is what it looked like before replacing the liner and being extremely neglected over the past few months.

And just a few more baskets I replanted for the Summer, always so fun to bring color into the backyard!

This picture was taken right before everyone showed up for my mom’s celebration of life you can see the BBQ behind us where the hanging baskets are placed.  And that BBQ will be getting a minor facelift soon.  After we are done working on my mom’s house my focus will be outside since we spend so much time enjoying our beautiful weather and entertaining our loved ones.

So many friends and family came to celebrate our mom’s beautiful life!  I honestly couldn’t feel more blessed to have the most incredible people that show up, support and love on a daily basis.  It was nice to finally have closure, this year has honestly been one of the most difficult years of my entire life.  I’m looking forward to turning my focus on my family and creating more beautiful memories before they are all out of the house.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by and I am always here for anyone who is dealing with dementia, Parkinson’s’, Alzheimer’s.  It’s one of the cruelest diseases and life can become pretty dark and lonely if you don’t have the support system around you.  I’m happy people have found me through my blog and asked for advice and I’m happy I have had the same in return. The blogging community is truly wonderful!  And just like Kawasaki disease, I’m here to help others going through the hardships of watching their loved ones suffer during these difficult times.


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