Kitchen updates including new farmhouse sink, faucet and countertops

Hi Friends, gosh it has been a little crazy around here but I found a little time to give you a small glimpse inside the kitchen. We are almost done, just a few minor details to complete and then I can show you the WHOLE kitchen, I can’t wait!

farmhouse sink

The biggest thing that we just completed was installing the countertops, we went with Quartzite in Taj Mahal. Quartzite is not the same as quartz which is an engineered stone. Quartzite is naturally strong, resists heat and is hard to stain, perfect for a busy family of 5. We needed something with very minimal upkeep that I did not need to worry about so this was a no brainer for us.

Farmhouse Sink

Next our faucet and farmhouse sink was installed! We went with the Hanover 1-Handle, Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet from Pfister. I’m absolutely LOVING my new faucet! The European feel mixed with Old World craftsmanship is a perfect combination for the kitchen.


Can I just say how much I love our farmhouse sink. It makes prepping meals so easy especially since I have a faucet that works well and sprays! There is a ton of room to clean pots and pans of any size plus it just looks pretty!

Farmhouse sink

So what’s next for this space: Molding around the window followed by a window covering to block the bright sun in the afternoon.

Farmhouse sink

For the rest of the kitchen I still need to paint the kitchen island and we are still in search for the perfect backsplash over the stove. It feels so good to be almost done!!!

~Thanks so much for stopping in today~

If you are new and wondering why the heck we tore out our old kitchen we loved so much you can read all about it here.

I received a Pfister Faucets to review, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. It’s gorgeous Kristin! Love the Quartzite in Taj Mahal that you chose and so crisp and fresh with your white cabinets. I bet you are thrilled to have your kitchen functioning again. Beautiful job!

  2. Kristin, it’s looking absolutely gorgeous! I’m so jealous of your sink – I would LOVE one of those in my kitchen! Can’t wait to see the full reveal – what a long road it’s been for you.

  3. Looking GREAT, Kristin!!! Love seeing the different stages of completion! Keep up the fab job! xoxo

  4. Gorgeous faucet, sink, backsplash and cabinets!! I’m on my way over to sit with you in your kitchen with a cup of coffee so I can admire every single gorgeous detail up close!!! Great work Kristin! xo Heather

  5. I love the kitchen!! I tried looking up Quartzite and wasn’t really able to find anything online about it. Everything came up quartz. Any help on where to find it?


    1. Quartzite is formed from sandstone and quartz together under a great deal of heat and pressure. Quartz is a engineered stone, so it is man made. You can’t put hot things directly on quartz but you can with the quartzite. Quartzite is a lot like granite and will last a lot longer than Quartz. Both products are pricey but we were able to get a really good deal through a installer in Los Angeles. Anywhere that sells granite will sell the quartzite. Let me know if you are near there and I can give you his name. So far we love it!

    1. Hi Thanks so much, it is 30×17..not sure of the brand, we had our countertop installer pick it up for us.

  6. I love the sink and would love to have a farmhouse sink, but I don’t know where I would put dishes to drain,etc., since it is one big sink.
    I am bad to wash some dishes and then leave them in the other side to drain for awhile.
    How do you handle that?
    (Your kitchen is beautiful!)

    1. Hi Cris-
      That was my biggest concern as well and didn’t want to see them on the counter all the time. I have a drying rack on the countertop, as soon as I am done cleaning the dishes, I just simply put the drying rack in the sink and put them away when I have time.

  7. Hi, I love your countertops. Can you tell me the thickness of them, and the name of the type of edge? Also, have they been easy to take care of?

    Thank You,


    1. We went with a Taj Majal Quartzite (not quartz). I absolutely love them, no staining, easy to clean and I can cut directly on them (although I try to use the cutting board.) The quartzite is 1/2 inch thick. We had them fabricated to make it look like a very thick piece. I know with some materials this is not recommended but the quartzite is nearly impossible to break or chip. Hope that helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi SHana- Wish I knew, the person that installed the counter for us brought the sink with him so I am not sure of the brand.

  8. Hi! I love your faucet and want to order it for our kitchen! Which finish did you choose? Stainless steel or polished nickel??

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