Grey and White Kitchens

I love the look of grey mixed with white in the kitchen, it looks clean and simple. Our kitchen island is currently black but changing it up would be a piece of cake, hmmm….. how to talk the hubby into it.

~Enjoy a little grey and white eye candy~

Decor De Provence

Sarah Richardson



Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

Traditional Home

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  1. I have wanted to do something brighter in my kitchen and never considered gray. These are brighter without having to go white. Hmmmm…..


  2. Great timing -I’m painting my cabinets in cream with a dark brown glaze. The island will be a gray color-still deciding betweena pewter or graphite color. Hoping to finish before Thanksgiving!!!

  3. I have a grey and white kitchen – grey penninsula and white cabinets everyplace else. To top it our counters are grey/white carrara marble. Love. I don’t want it to get too popular cause then it will be a trend, and trends go out of style.

  4. Oh yes, they are all gorgeous. You are getting me so excited for my new kitchen!! Can you imagine going from a 1978 kitchen to a brand new one? Lots of great inspiration here.

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