How to Make an Easy Easter Bunny Banner

Create your own  Easter Bunny Banner with this easy step-by-step guide using affordable supplies from the dollar store. Personalize with pastel colors and hang your banner for a touch of Spring to your home decor! I love Easter and Spring, I have so many wonderful childhood memories and so many beautiful memories with the kids!  Easter egg hunts, Bunny Prints throughout the house, and carrots left out the night before. I sure do miss those days!


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Supplies Needed:


  1. Wood Easter bunnies from the dollar tree you could also look at the craft store

  2. Scissors

  3. Hot Glue 

  4. hot glue gun

  5. Ribbon, Chennile yarn,  string, or baker’s twine

  6. Craft paint of your choice

  7. Craft paint brush



    Paint each individual bunny in the colors of your choice.  I used pink, blue, and yellow.  I lightened the tones of each by adding a little white paint.  You will want a smaller craft brush to paint around the bunny tail. I did not paint the back of the bunnies but if each side will be showing you might want to paint both sides. Let the bunnies dry.  I was going to leave them with their wood color but decided to give them a pop of color!

    Attach a Ribbon or String of your choice

    Place a dot of hot glue at the bottom of each ear on your first bunny and adhere to the string. Continue onto each bunny, leaving about an inch between each.

    Optional Decorations:

    If you want to add extra flair, you can glue on additional decorations like glitter, sequins, or Easter-themed stickers, pom poms 

    Hang Your Banner:

    Once your cute Easter bunny banner is complete, you can proudly display it as a festive Easter decoration in your home! It would look great above a fireplace, front door, along a wall, or across a window.

    That is it, the easiest bunny banner you will ever make, happy crafting!

    Tips and other options

    If you can’t find the wood bunnies, you could draw a bunny shape onto card stock and cut out the bunny pattern.  You can find a bunny template here.  You could also use a cricut machine to make your own if you have one. 

    Use cotton balls as the bunny tail.

    Paint just the top of the bunny ears

    If you’re not up for creating your own you can buy a kit on Amazon, just click the picture below.


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    Thank you so much for stopping in today and happy Easter!

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