Shutters for the master bathroom

You know when you have what seems to be a billion projects going on at once and they are all unfinished?  That about sums up our home over here the last 4 months, it wasn’t our intention it’s just life but you know what, it’s OK. Yes, it can get a little overwhelming at times but when something so unexpected happens to one of your children you quickly realize everything else can wait, my family is my number one priority. Now when something actually does get done it feels really really good!

I started on the mater bathroom June of 2012 with painting the cabinets, yup, that would be 10 months ago.  We started making a lot of progress but when it came to the windows we were stuck.  The blinds are 12 years old broken and rusty.  Ray had picked up a shutter at a garage sale years ago, we just needed to find one more.  (buying new was out of the question,  have you seen the prices on shutters) Sounds easy enough, wrong, finding one that would fit the window seemed an impossible task but being patient does pay off, he found the second one off Craigslist. WOO HOO!

Ray had to make a few cuts to make one of the shutters work, thank goodness for a handy hubby!

This has me motivated to finish painting the walls near the shower and for Ray to finish installing the baseboards!

I just need have some paint color matched so I can touch up in a few places.

 Yay, I’m so happy, thanks for stopping in!

Ray built the super fabulous Bathtub Shelf for me awhile back and the paint color of the walls is Dutch Boy’s Refresh,  Route 66.

26 thoughts on “Shutters for the master bathroom

  1. Looks fantastic. And yes, shutters are outrageous!! I really need to make one of those bathtub shelves.

    • Thank you Amanda, he is doing so much better and slowly his blood work continues to stabilize while his heart is 100%, such a miracle!

  2. Nice! I thought about doing white 2 inch faux wood blinds in my bathroom but I like your shutters much better. Glad I didn’t purchase them yet. Thanks Kristin!

  3. Oh how I love plantation shutters! Your bathroom is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and blessings, [email protected]

  4. So nice to have a handy husband! You shutters look great. That’s looks like a beautiful spot to relax in a nice bubble bath. Love the ottoman with the touch of bling. So pretty Kristin.

    • Thanks Allison! My comments are not showing up in e-mail so for now I am replying on the blog…hope you are doing well, I am missing the sun we had last week. XO

  5. Perfect Kristin!!! I know what you mean about how expensive these are, I tried to have 2 windows done and the estimate was in the thousands?!!! So happy you found one at a much affordable price, it looks great!

  6. Found you via the BlogHer feed and just had to say that those shutters look amazing! I absolutely love how elegant they look in the bathroom! Awesome find!

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