The story of our stairs

Hi Friends-
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I’m excited to say our stairs are
When we originally moved into our home 10 years ago, we fell in love with the iron rails but didn’t care for  the oak banisters.
After five years of living with it we had the banisters sanded and stained.
Updated Railing



Rustic and elegant foyer and stairwell

5 years later
we decided to remove the dreadful carpet. 
2 dogs, 3 boys…you can only imagine….

 Our contractor who removed our wall helped my hubby make all the cuts for the side molding.  So much math is involved in this process.
We have been living like this forever
Next we hired out to have to have the wood laid down, he did the most incredible job!

Here it is ready for Christmas
Rustic Elegant Christmas Home Tour My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
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  1. What a HUGE difference! Your staircase looks gorgeous … love the dark wood against the crisp white. Beautiful!

  2. Simply stunning! What a gorgeous color wood and a gorgeous before/after. It was worth the wait.

  3. Can completely relate to the boys/dogs and carpet! Love the transformation!! It's gorgeous! Hope to follow in your "stairsteps" someday soon 🙂

  4. Kristin, that looks so good. Love the dark color. I would love to tackle painting my stair rails some day, but would rather pay someone to do it.

  5. wow! what a difference that makes. I am redoing my stairs little by little, too. So worth the wait.

  6. Now your stair are beyond fabulous. I love how the dark stain goes so much better with the iron and then the addition of wood steps? They are really so gorgeous. Can't wait to see the area all finished up.

  7. Stairs are the order of the day (just posted my basement stairs!) and yours are gorgeous. Dark wood with white trim, we have it too, I will never, ever put carpet on stairs again. Although it shows every speck of dust I don't mind sweeping, a lot.

  8. Kristin, WOW it looks amazing… what a difference just a few changes makes… you guys have out done your selfs, Happy Sunday


  9. Wow! You're right it looks a hundred times better stained dark. The oak just didn't cut it. I love staircases, but we'll always live in one story house because of a health condition I have… Still I LOVE seeing what you did with yours!

  10. Kristin, the stairs are GORGEOUS!! I love the dark stain you used on everything.

    In our last two houses, my husband has put wood stairs in. With two kids and a dog, it was a necessity, so I definitely can relate!

    Congratulations on such a beautiful transformation!


  11. Wow! The transformation is amazing! I can't believe it. The stairs look so rich and fabulous. That is my very favorite hardwood floor ever!

  12. It looks incredible! I can't even believe the difference from the original pics and now! So beautiful!

  13. Kristin, oh my goodness!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot get over how rich, beautiful and perfect this looks. Truly stunning. Love it!! Much more appropriate solution with three boys and two dogs too. 😉

  14. The bleeker beige looks great there! 🙂 I love your stairs! I ripped the carpet off of mine 2 years ago…maybe more. I need to spend the time and paint the trim white. I may do it this week after seeing yours!

  15. Wow, beautiful job! Worth the wait! Lol, I love the contrast. The railing looks incredible. Have a wonderful week! Lulu

  16. They look amazing Kristin! Just wanted to say thanks for being as sweet as you are.

  17. Very beautiful Kristin…I love the darker stain and the steps came out fabulous! Cant wait to see the personal touches to the wall.

    Lucky 7 Design

  18. Hi Kristin,

    How are you?
    Your stairs looks beautiful. Love the contrast..

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  19. Kristin ??? ..it looks so so so great !! you did it girl !!! yes yes !! lovely week…xxx…Ria…

  20. Looks great Kristin, you must be so happy…can't wait to share our beach house with you…Dark wood floors and white cabinets, etc…Happy Monday!…Mariaelena

  21. Wow! Your stairs look phenomenal! Just gorgeous! We really need to completely rebuild our stairs, but have been putting it off because of the down time. How long were your stairs out of commission? Thanks for sharing.

  22. really really great! I'm hoping to share in your stair happy dance soon. I've been after my husband to paint our risers and spindles for 9 years and seems it's going to happen in the next 2 months : ) yours look amazing!

  23. A gorgeous staircase. I am so glad you posted. My husband brought home a iron rail wanting to replace our wooden ones instead of painting them. I wasn't so sure……your staircase is beautiful…still on the fence if it will look right on ours and with our decor….but Thank you for sharing!

  24. Your stairs look amazing! So happy for you that you were able to get them done. I tried talking my husband into this – no luck. They will be carpet again 🙁

  25. Oh my gosh! The staircase looks amazing! We intalled a wood staircase at our old house and I miss it so much! So I know all of the hard work you put into it.

  26. Oh, Kristin!!! They are stunning. Such a dramatic difference. I am trying to contain my envy!

  27. Those look absolutely gorgeous Kristin! And the more I look at them, the more I want to go right now and rip the carpet off of my own! 🙂

  28. Hello Kristin!
    Wow what a job to fix that!
    Now your stairs looks gorgeous!!! Love the dark wood against all the white!
    Love from Susanne

  29. OMGosh your stairs look so good! I like the contrast of your paint color & the new black color! They compliment each other & make each other both pop. Well done! I can not wait until I can rip my !#@#$ stair carpet out. 😉

  30. They look great! We're about to do the exact same thing! We have railings that separate 2 of our rooms – they are that golden oak color – we're actually going to paint ours white, though we initially considered staining them walnut!

  31. What an amazing difference! Your staircase is gorgeous! And boy can I relate to dogs, boys and carpeting…

    ~ Tracy

  32. Wowza kristen – Gorg – ge – us!!! LOVE the new do for the staircase! It is an amazing transformation!

  33. Kristin,
    Those stairs are so amazing!! I thought they looked so much better when you stained the railing, but when I saw the finished wood steps, I loved them even more.
    I know you are enjoying them!
    So happy for you that they are finished.

  34. This looks so great! we did our stairs over too and I love it. (went from carpet to wood.)

  35. I agree. The stairs look absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see how you decorate around them.

  36. Hi Kristin – thanks for the spotlight the other day! It was a nice surprise! I am just in love with your stairway! It has come up a real treat!

  37. Oh, they're just gorgeous Kristin! 🙂 I love wood vs. carpet, they turned out perfect.

  38. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that you kept the wrought iron in place and stained the oak. Gorgeous wood floors!!!

  39. Beautiful! I would have never imagined that oak transformation in my head. In fact, it would have never crossed my mind to stain them darker!
    Of course love the wood stairs too… I got an estimate for mine and promptly changed my mind. Yikes.

  40. awesome Kristin!!! how exciting! 🙂 I loved all your inspiration pics too- some of those look like the vision I have in my head for my dream house. Which is in the Hamptons, by the way! LOL! have a great week~

  41. I'll bet that you "forget" something upstairs… often- just so you can go back up and admire the steps again. I know I would! Truly beautiful!

    Thanks so much Kristin for featuring my dining room on your blog!


  42. your stairs are beautiful. -I have a quick question, when you stair treads were installed did you have any gaps on the sides of your stair treads? we recently had wooden treads installed and have small gaps on some of the sides-we are not sure what to do. we are considering using a dark colored caulking to fill in the gap-what are your thoughts?

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