DIY Bathtub Shelf

I have had this bathtub shelf project pinned on “things I want to make” forever and this weekend we finally got around to making it. A huge thank you to Snippits of Design for the tutorial and my hubby for building it.  This was a zero cost project since we had all the materials.


Start off my measuring your tub so you know how long the width of the wood needs to be and where the support bars should go so the shelf won’t move around on you.

We have lots of scrap wood sitting around so we measured & cut 3 pieces of wood that match the width of our tub and 2 pieces for the support.


We nailed the three pieces of wood to the support bars that are on the underside of the shelf.

Sanded, I wouldn’t want any splinters while relaxing in my bubble bath.

Distressed it using a hammer and screwdriver. (this is the fun part)

Three coats of stain, used the darkest we had on hand.

Added a high gloss varnish and voila!

IMG_6860-768x1024 How to easily build a bathtub shelf
new shutters for the master bathroom IMG_6851-759x1024

 If I’m not around for a few days you know where I am!

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  1. It’s beautiful Kristin! I love the dark stain you used….it’s gorgeous. Happy relaxing in your tub!

  2. Looks really cool! Probably a project for a Monday with lots of stress at work – you can unwind by hitting it with all the tools available – LOL!

  3. That is so fantastic Kristin! I love the dark stain and being a bath girl myself I totally appreciate how perfect this must be! 🙂

  4. Totally love… love the idea… Its stunning!! Looks gorgeous!! I want a shelf now… Infact.. I want to be in that very tub….

    when you do rent it out to holiday makers…. remember me 🙂

    Hope you can stop by at Colours Dekor… sometime too… Have a lovely week ahead.. 🙂

  5. Well that looks so sweet and relaxing (the using of the shelf part, not necessarily the building part). I love how you used a rustic wood and stained it dark … baths for the most part are very sleek (porcelain etc) and lighter colors, and this brings a natural material hand-crafted accent to the space, and ironically all that “natural” = a softened feel.


  6. This is fantastic. I love it. So new and yet so rustic, out of the run, country feel- it’s just my style maybe that I like it so much. Great job on this one Kristin.

  7. It’s gorgeous, Kristin – love the beautiful rich color. You did an amazing job! Love it! (Sharing a link back in this week’s highlights.)

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