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Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

It seems wrapping presents is always the last thing I complete during Christmas season.

I have rounded up a bunch of easy Christmas wrapping ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to the lucky recipient.

Make your own paper with this gorgeous free printable from Domestic Fluff .


Cinnamon Dough Ornaments
I love how A Creative Mint used her Trader Joe’s bags mixed with simple twine.
Stamp some craft paper
Super simple idea from The Party Studio.

kraft bags

Happy Wrapping

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  1. Such clever and pretty ways to wrap packages. I love to wrap. and will have to try some of these. The scraps of sweater and pom pom is fun. Kristin, I loved your beaded trees. They’re beautiful! I’m catching up on posts tonight. Hope you had a great weekend. Did you get rain down there, too?

  2. i have lots of fun stuff for wrapping this year that i have been collecting. pinterest has helped me so much on ideas for sure! love all yours:) i have been so out of the loop…how are you? no hurry to answer – believe me i know how busy it is behind the scenes…just know you are on my mind often…really!

  3. Great ideas and so pretty! For many, many years, I have used brown paper bags (from the market) and newspaper. My wrapping certainly doesn’t look as great as your examples here, but I feel like it is the most eco-friendly way we can wrap gifts and be creative at the same time. If you can pick up a few small pine cones somewhere around where you live and use twine, a little glitter or even an old Christmas ornament that you no longer want to keep – you’ve got a great little wrapping. Thanks for the very creative ideas!

  4. I love all these creative wrapping ideas! I have a box of those little white tags, they look so cute in your inspiration photo with the red and white twine. I’ll have to get some of that! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  5. These are all so pretty! I suddenly went back in time….my mom wrapped EVERYTHING in white tissue paper. Then each gift had curly ribbon and Christmas stickers on it. Not sure if she did this every year or just for a few when I was little but to a little kid it looked like a sea of white gifts stretching out across the living room, lol….

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