DIY Simple Summer Wreath

Why not give a warm welcome to Summer by dressing up your front door with a beautiful summer wreath.  Creating A Simple Summer Wreath is such a fun way to add a little cheer to your home decor.
After feeling like we lost a year of celebrations and gatherings I have been busy sprucing up our back yard for a few upcoming gatherings, our oldest’s graduation party, and my mother’s celebration of life.    Two such different celebrations both packed with so many emotions, I’m not going to lie, my mother’s passing has been one of the hardest losses of my life, each day is different, each filled with so many emotions.  And our oldest graduating, how did this even happen, I vividly remember bringing him home from the hospital 18+ years ago.


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This wreath took me about 30 minutes, so you can have your wreath hanging on your door in no time at all.  Although I think I will put this one in our back yard hanging on our outdoor fireplace mantel.


Grapevine Wreath

Artificial Eucalyptus Greenery

Baby’s Breath Flowers
Lambs Ear
White flowers
Glue Gun and Hot Glue
Wire Cutters
Ribbon of your choice

 I started with the eucalyptus, and placed the stems through the grapevine, securing it with hot glue.  I continued doing this until the wreath was filled about 3/4 up.  You could decorate the whole wreath, just a personal preference.




I then layered faux babies’ breath on top of the eucalyptus, securing them with hot glue.

Next, I added lambs ear and faux white roses


If you would like you can add a ribbon for a little extra detail to finish off the wreath.  I simply secured it with hot glue.



I hope this fun summer wreath will give you some inspiration and have you celebrating in the sun with the warm weather just around the corner.

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