DIY Boho-chic Macramé Vase Cover

Macrame is making a big comeback these days as is boho chic decor so I thought I would try making a Macrame vase cover. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself so I started with one very simple knot, a flat knot!   When we walk the local farmer’s markets I see all sorts of beautiful macrame pieces and have purchased a few.  I realized for the price of one piece I could go purchase the cording and give it a shot myself.

It’s thrift store decor day so make sure to check out all of the beautiful makeovers at the end of the post.

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I’ve been hitting the thrift stores and purchasing a variety of different vases for my mom’s memorial next weekend and thought this one would be the perfect size to try out, not too big and not too small.  For 50 cents I couldn’t pass it up!
You could also use a mason jar for this project.

 I am no expert in macrame AT ALL but I am going to show you the ONE knot I have mastered so far and I hope to learn more in the coming months.


Vase (diameter of my vase is 6 inches)
Macrame Cord  My Cord was .15 inches/4mm/32 ply
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Gun
Heavy Duty Tape

A Few Notes

You could use MACRAME CORD or yarn for this project.

I chose the cord because I wanted a  “chunkier” design.  If you use yarn, it will result in more intricate knots that is much smaller.

 The more cords you have the wider it will be. I chose to use 16 cords and figured this would cover about 3/4 of my vase.

I went back and forth between yarn and cord in my tutorial so you could see the differences in the knot,  you can decide which route to go.


The measurements that I am giving are for the cord, not the yarn.

Cut the cords ( I cut them to be 22 inches long) and adhere them to a strong piece of tape.  You could even hot glue the cords onto the tape them for a stronger hold.


Place another piece of tape on top of the cords.

Divide the cords into 4 groups


Take the outer left cord and cross it under the one next to it on the right, and then over the following cord, and then under the last cord.

Take the second to last cord on the left, and place it on top of the last cord on the left

Take the second to last cord on the left and place it over the cord on the right then under the next cord on the right

Repeat: second to last cord on left goes over last cord on left

Repeat: second to last cord on left goes over and under the cords on the right


Keep repeating and tightening as you go.

You can see the difference in the width between the two, I would say you would have to double the amount of yarn to get the same width as the cord.


When you repeat this knot over and over again, you end up with a beautiful pattern.
Now it’s time to attach it to your vase.


I placed hot glue to the backside of the knot and adhered it to the vase, repeat this every few inches.

Cut off the excess and try to attach the two ends of the knot as seamlessly as you can, it will not be perfect and that’s OK.


And that’s it!
These macrame covers are such a unique and easy decoration idea, they would look just as beautiful with a floating candle.  You could place the vases on top of wood slices for the perfect mix of boho and rustic! These would also make the perfect little handmade gift for any occasion.



I created a fun boho coaster using the same cording, you can find that tutorial here.

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Thank you so much for stopping in today, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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