Silhouette tutorial

Happy Wednesday!
I’ve been quite intrigued with silhouettes lately, so I thought I would give it a try.
I’m sure I did it all wrong and broke every rule but
it was really easy and I think they
turned out pretty cute!
Take a side profile picture of your subject.
I had 5 subjects,
3 boys and 2 dogs.

You can tell how thrilled Jordan was.

Print the subject out

Silhouette tutorial, the easy way! 

Lay the picture against something black…paper, vinyl, material, whatever your heart desires and cut.

Silhouette tutorial, the easy way!

I bought 5 frames for 99 cents each at Michael’s and spray painted them black.

Glue the silhouette on some heavyweight card stock.

Super easy!
All of them went up in the “mudroom” somewhere.
I promise we are getting closer to being finished.
Give me 1 more week, but don’t hold me to it!
Have a fabulous day!




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  1. Wow, I had no idea it could be that easy. Was your picture 8×10 size or larger? You did the dog to which is so fun….

  2. those are so beautiful. They remind me of Disneyland. We had our girl's done there once. Thank you so much for your kind words about my post yesterday. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hello,

    Love this tutorial. They look great! I am going to try this… I am trying to decorate another blank wall and maybe this will be part of the decorating.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a good week. Can't wait for the reveal.

  4. Jordan is a cutie….a handsome young man! I love your silhouettes. The dog is great, too! I look forward to the reveal of your mudroom!

  5. Super duper cute and I have been wanting to do this too with my kiddos, especially while their cheeks are still kinda round! I figured I would do it all the wrong way too so you have given me confidence to just go for it! 🙂

  6. I have silhouettes of my boys but not of my pets. I like the idea of doing the pets. I think I will make one for my son of his dog Justice. If that one turns out good I have a great side shot of my son & DIL's two dogs together and will try to do that one too. IF I get a chance to do them, I will post about it.

    ~ Tracy

  7. Great job Kristen! This DIY project is on my to do list. Thanks for the tutorial. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Kristin there is nothing more precious than a silhouette of your child. I have several of my now grown boys and they are one of my treasured elements in my home. I highly reccommend having them in one's home!!Such precious memories. KS

  9. how cute! i've always wanted to try them but never have! you did a great job and made it look easy! hope all is well! susan

  10. so much less complicated than i thought it was going to be, or at least you made it less complicated! thanks for sharing…love your silhouettes!!

  11. Darling! Never would have thought to include the dogs. That's a hoot! Jordan has the sweetest little face and pug nose.

  12. Super cute! And it looks so easy, I want to give it a try! How did you get the dogs to stay for more than half a second in position? I love the way your son pouts on the picture, it's like saying "I'm only doing this for you, Mom!"
    Magali xxx

  13. Oh wow! These are amazing! I should do some of my cat and my dog.

    I watched Nate Berkus today and they were doing silhouette pictures with thumb tacks on wood boards and it was plain fugly!!! Yours are so much prettier.

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