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DIY Mercury Glass

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I’m back again with our monthly thrift store makeover challenge. A few years ago I started collecting a few pieces of mercury glass, it’s not cheap but oh so pretty!

I have seen many tutorials for making your own,  I read up on a few and decided to just go for it.  So when I ran across these tea lights at the thrift store I knew exactly what to do! 
 This is my own version, quick and easy.
Spray a light coat of Krylon looking glass inside the glass, wait 1 minute.

The paint is a little watery, don’t worry about it.

how to make DIY Mercury Glass 
Spray again, wait 1 minute….do this five times.  On the final coat I gave the outside stem a light spray.
After all 5 coats are complete wait about 10 minutes then you can proceed to the next step.

how to make DIY Mercury Glass

Fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar.  
Spray the inside and outside of your glass with a mist of the vinegar and water.
how to make DIY Mercury Glass
Take a moist towel that has the vinegar and water on it and start dabbing till you have the effect you are after.

how to make DIY Mercury Glass
I had some glitter spray in the garage so I sprayed just the smallest amount on the inside in some places.

I finished it off with a very light coat of the Looking Glass spray paint on the outside in areas that I felt needed just a little extra shine.

DIY Mercury Glass
DIY Mercury Glass

transform those dollar store tea lights and make your own DIY Mercury GlassDIY mercury glass


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