Simple flower wreath

I decided to try making a flower wreath this week, so easy and so very pretty!

Just a few simple steps:
Cut circles in all shapes and sizes out of any fabric you have. 
Roll the fabric beginning with the outside of the circle.
Once you have finished rolling, hot glue the bottom to
keep the flower intact.
Bring the end of the fabric up and glue it onto the bottom of your flower.
Hot glue it onto your wreath.  I did not have a form so I just used a cereal box.

You can get so creative, using different fabrics and different colors.

~Happy Crafting~

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  1. How pretty! Can you see any of the wreath form from the sides? The cost of those foam ones has always made me cautious to try… I love your cereal box idea =)

  2. Oh isn't that just SO Very Pretty… I think I have everything I need to make one of those… Even the Cereal box.. Which is a FABULOUS!!! idea 🙂

  3. How lovely!
    My goodness, you never fail to impress me with how many things you're able to do so well. You seem to excel at creating beauty in so many different ways!


  4. Just beautiful Kristin! And I laughed out loud at your cereal box form…we have the same kind in our house right now! 🙂

  5. I just love this! I'm going to have to make some mini ones for the backs of my chairs for the holiday. Beautiful blog!


  6. LOVE your version! It is truly stunning! Glad my little old wreath could inspire you! Thank you for your sweet words!

    Never thought to use a ceral box, but I know what to do for next time!

  7. You are so clever, Krisitn! The wreath is beautiful! How clever to use the cereal box as a form and what a great way to use remnants of fabrics, too. I like the fabric you used. So pretty.

  8. um…yep amazingly gorgeous my friend! Looks like a magazine. I bet that cereal box never knew it would become something so lovely! 😉


  9. Very, very cute, Kristin…and although you made it look simple I know you put a lot of work into that wreath..and it shows! I love it~xo Diana

  10. I feel in love with the flowers, and then you blew me away with the cereal box! Now let me go check my pantry!

  11. easy… for YOU! It looks GREAT!
    I am still trying to tackle the coffee filter wreath!
    have a pretty day!

  12. This is GORGEOUS, Kristen! I don't know if I'd have the patience to make it though LOL!

    Happy December ;O)

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