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Advent Christmas Tree

I am so excited to be participating in today’s Christmas Tree Hop!  Thank you Angela from Unexpected Elegance for making this happen!

Growing up we always had a advent calendar, no chocolate or toys inside, just a count down till Christmas would arrive. I wanted to give our children the same memories that I had growing up but with a twist.

It is so easy to get caught up in the hupla of Christmas.  I wanted our calendar to be about spending time as a family and giving them reminders about the about the true story of why we celebrate.

It took a little planning on my end as I had to make sure some of the activities would fall on a weekend night.  Baking dozens of cookies with the kids definitely wouldn’t work on a school night but reading a Christmas book sure would.

 ~I have the list of activities listed at the end of this post~

I purchased some tags at Michael’s but they would be easy to make yourself.

I wrote the number on each tag, a stamp would be really cute as well. Yes, I have horrible handwriting, hence the template.

On the opposite side of the tag I wrote the activity for the day.  I made sure this was in pencil so I could reuse them each year and change things around if needed.

The boys and I picked out a mini live tree that could stay up all year long and added our tags.

Now when they come downstairs every morning they can see what activity we will be completing later that day, they are super excited!

 Here is our list, you can of course change it around to fit your families needs.

Pick out a Christmas Tree

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Set up the nativity

 Read Luke 2 1-15

Read a Christmas book

Make a card for someone and mail it

Make warm apple cider

Take a night walk

Play a board game

Watch a Christmas movie

Feed the Homeless

Make hot coco 

Do something nice for a stranger

Decorate a gingerbread house

Look at Christmas lights

Bake Christmas cookies

Wrap Presents

Make a Christmas card for your teacher

Donate toys to a deserving family

Write down what you are thankful for

Make a Christmas craft

Visit cousins

Have family over for dinner

Stop by and take a look at all the awesome Christmas trees from all the talented bloggers!

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  1. That is so sweet Kristin! I’m thinking I could incorporate this idea into our family tree this year and I know my kids would love it! So fun being apart of this Hop with you! 🙂

  2. Such a neat idea. We haven’t had a tree in a few years because our Cocker Spaniel likes to lie under the tree, not to mention he would scratch holes in the wrapping paper. Maybe we could try a small tabletop tree this year.

  3. Wonderful tree and idea ! I remember growing up that we had an advent wreath on the table and each Sunday one of the candles was lit until there were all four which meant Christmas was any day now. It was done on a Sunday and we’d attended church that day….it was a nice custom. You have really taken yours to a great level…no wonder the kids are excited! 🙂

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