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Paper Napkin Flowers~Tutorial~

~Hi Friends~

I am so happy it is Friday!  Time to relax and hang out with family and friends, YAY!  I made some paper flowers during the week using some napkins, so simple, perfect for adding a splash of color for Valentines Day.

Buy some colorful napkins in different sizes, I found mine at the dollar store.

Scallop the edges with some scissors. Unfold and stack the napkins on top of each other, the smallest napkins goes last.  (I used 4 napkins but you could use more or less depending upon how big or small you want your flowers to be)

How to make a paper flower


Begin flipping and folding, like an accordion.



Pinch the center and Tie a ribbon in the middle to keep it together.IMG_6187

Begin “fluffing” the flower by peeling each layer up, careful you don’t rip the paper.



Voila, beautiful paper flower!


I placed one on each end of my Valentine Banner.

~Have a wonderful weekend~

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  1. How can something so cute be so simple?? Definitely pinning for future reference! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a super weekend!

  2. I went to a tea house the other day and they had a really fun surmemy idea for a napkin ring – they used hair ties. Remember the kind from the 70s with the big plastic balls on the ends? They wrapped one around a rolled napkin and looped the ends over each other. It really was so cute although I know my description can’t really describe it well.

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