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Call me crazy but my calendar is made from real paper I actually write on it, I just can’t do the digital organizing thing. Trust me I tried and I failed.   I am a visual person, I need to have it all out in front of me, not on a small screen, I have to write, I’m a list person, tell me I’m not alone.

My next dilemma was separating family, blog and home. If I tried to put them all on one calendar well, that would be setting me up for disaster.  I searched and searched for  free printable planners on the web that were functional for each category and cute.

For my blog I downloaded the Blog Planner from Gifts We Use.  Very simple and to the point.  I can write down all my crazy thoughts for projects in the note section and I can write down my scheduled posts on the calendar. Easy Peasy.

I used Oh So Lovely  free printable trellis patterned calender for our families personal use.  I can keep track of our super busy social lives (ha ha) I mean my taxi schedule for the boys.

Next up is a weekly planner which breaks down household tasks into manageable daily and weekly bite size pieces from the Confident Mom. It also has a space at the top for the days menu plan. I was thrilled when I won this from Sand and Sisal!

free planner page preview of organizing planner

The only downfall right now is the binder seems a little on the bulky side, I might have the pages spiral bound so it is easier for me to slip into my purse for when I’m on the go. So far I’m loving it and I haven’t missed a game, practice of appointment yet!

How about you, what works for you when trying to keep your life organized?  Please feel free to add the URL’s to any printable in the comment section for others to use that you think would be helpful.

~Have a fabulous day~

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    1. Mary, your site has blessed me in many ways. I live in Brazil, and atetnd a small Baptist church at Ananindeua city. Here we struggle with every kind of difficulties regarding study material. Your site as a whole, and the links section, particularly, provided me access to life changing content. May God continue to bless you and your family, and keep encouraged to maintain and expand this site, to His honor. Thank you.

  1. Yay! I am so happy to find another person who uses a paper calendar! I am the same as you. I want to see the whole month laid out in front of me. I am totally adept with my phone and mac but just cannot go to anything other than a paper calendar! I also make daily lists of all the things I want to do each day. I LOVE putting that checkmark in that box. Just makes me feel like I have accomplished things! I keep a family calendar on on the wall in the kitchen then a small planner in my purse. I do dr appointments in to my iPhone so that I get that alert that I need to go soon! It’s all over the place but I swear it works great for me!

  2. Oh Kristin, you look so organized!! How is it coming with the kitchen? I guess I need to look back and see if you posted anything about it lately.

  3. Kristin, I’m with you! I have three paper calendars that I use: Family, Cleaning, and Blog. I have a hard time as well using digital calendars. I’m old school as well. Hope all is going better with the kitchen. Thank you for sharing these! Would love it if you would share this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here’s the link if you want to join. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2013/01/make-it-pretty-monday-week-34.html Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. Well, well, well….I thought I was the last person on earth using a paper calendar until I just read your post! I use a really big spiral bound calendar that has about a half-page per day to write on. So I put all my family, church, social, and all the kids’ activities on the same calendar—helps me to know at a glance if I’m supposed to be two places at the same time (or three, or four…)

  5. I really like the binder idea. I too am a paper calendar girl. I expect you’re sick and tired talking about your kitchen but I certainly hope good news comes your way soon.

  6. I’m a paper calendar girl too. But I do have to print out one of these for the blog stuff. So far I’ve been leaving things to memory or little scratch paper notes, and that isn’t cutting it anymore. My daughter even set up some on line calendar thing for me, but I need to be able to see my paper one all the time I guess.


  7. You are not alone, so many of us need to write it down. Through the years, I relied on my Franklin Day Planner. In the last few years, I have slowly forced myself to use the calendar on my cell phone and the calendar in microsoft outlook. But … there is nothing better than a full yearly calendar, month by month to keep one organized. Carrying around a binder doesn’t work for me any more, so I try my best to keep my cell phone calendar up to date and then transfer that information onto my computer and paper calendar. Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s the only solution that works for me. Well … sometimes it works! Thanks for sharing and keeping fingers crossed for your new kitchen!

  8. So funny…I just pinned someone else’s planner to print out and put in a binder this morning…I told her I’m a list person too…need it all written down in front of me…
    Have a great day!!…xo, Mariaelena

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