Our Tiffany Blue Laundry Room

Today I thought I would share our laundry room, one of the only colorful rooms in our home.

 With five of us and 2 dogs my washer and dryer are constant. I figured since I have the monotonous job of laundry I might as well have a laundry room that makes me happy! So I came up with a plan to make it look like a blue tiffany box tied with a little black bow.

I love walking into the unexpected, I have to admit, this was a huge step out of the box for me. I tend to play it safe when decorating our home. I enjoy a very neutral pallet with pops of color. I enjoy a timeless classic look, trust me I know this look wont last for years  but it’s paint, I can color right over it! For now, the tiffany blue is a feel-good color, it’s bright yet refreshing and makes me happy.

 I found these cute little bins at home depot on clearance for $2 each, perfect for hiding all the junk!

My mother in law sewed these straight curtains for me so I can hide all our swimming gear, rags and beach towels.

She did the same up top so I can hide all my treasures. The bow was a lot of fun to make, very tedious but fun. I just free handed it and colored it in, you most definitely need patience for this job!

I hope I’ve inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and go for it, I’m so glad I did! Pick a color that makes you happy, pick a small room, it will give you the opportunity to work with a color you most likely wouldn’t use in a larger space.

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  1. I was looking for inspiration for my awful laundry room and found your post. I love it! I see that you posted this a couple of years ago. I wonder if you still have it this way and if you still enjoy the colors. Thanks for sharing!

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