Master Bedroom Revealed!

I bet you thought the day would never come! I’m so excited our master bedroom is almost finished, just a few more details left. Nothing exciting, filling nail holes in the crown, touch up paint, etc. I figured it wouldn’t bother you too much so I went ahead a snapped some pictures for you.

A beautiful relaxed bedroom, love the grey and white


We wanted to keep our old furniture but give the room an update by brightening up the space.  We also decided to rip out all of the carpet as it was time.

I gave the walls a fresh coat of paint using Sherwin Williams Zicron, it instantly brightened up the space!

The softest sheets I have even had!

We added a chandelier in the hallway towards the bathroom for a little bit of glam, you can find it on amazon for under $100.00

Chrome Crystal Chandelier Chandeliers

Ray installed all of the crown molding and baseboards, such a big job but makes a huge impact.

Rustic Elegant Master Bedroom

We added lighter curtains and a few accessories to pull it all together


Now, I don’t want to give off the wrong impression. There was a lot of crap that was shoved out the door into the hallway so I could snap some pictures. So please don’t get discouraged, my hallway is real life!

The before



Thanks for your visit and for following me along in this journey, you can find many of the items in this room linked below. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that allow me to write this blog for you,  I truly appreciate it. 

Soft Cozy Solid Shag Rug
Decorative Starburst Mirror
Chair with Trim Nail Head
Modesto Table Lamp
White Curtain Set
Crystal Mini-Chandelier


STYLE: Brindisi Plank
COLOR: Cognac Hickory
5-inch x 1/2-inch wide planks




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  1. Hi
    Do you know what color brand you used for your hardwoods? And do you find it terribly hard to take care of? Everyone is telling me not to get dark since you can see every speck of dust and dog hair! Thanks

  2. Love the floors also–they appear textured? not sure that is the right word but not plain level hardwood–can you share the name or source-would love to see a sample close up–thanks so much-love the blog!

  3. Yes, they show every piece of dirt, hair and dust but I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

    STYLE: Brindisi Plank
    COLOR: Cognac Hickory
    5-inch x 1/2-inch wide planks

  4. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog and I realized we have the exact same bed and lamps! I was feeling like the dark wooden poster bed would be too “heavy” for the room I’d like to create, but you’ve done a lovely job making the room look light and airy! I want to put a white fluffy comforter on the bed so badly but we have two dark-furred kitties who would ruin it pretty quickly!

  5. Wow, I love what you did, it’s gorgeous. Also, it the stuff you put into your hallway is lot of junk, then you should see the stuff I took out my storage room. Several trips to goodwill.

  6. Your bedroom was the first post I saw of yours and when you responded to my question about the comforter I thought that you were so kind-I was right. I was hooked! XO

  7. Hi Kristen,
    My name is Marilia, and came across your blog in Pinterest. I’ve been looking at Mohawk Brindisi Cognac Hickory floors for my condo (doing 2 floors), and I was wondering if you could help me decide with the following questions.
    1 Does it scratch easily or has the color faded, peeled since you had it installed?
    2. Does the floor look uniform in color, or does every piece look different?
    3. Is the hand-sculpted look smooth on every piece of the eng. wood?
    4. Does the color look on the brown side or the red side?
    5. Do you recommend this floor?
    I’d really appreciate if you’d be able to respond as I need to make a final decision next week.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Marilia, thank you for getting in touch. Hopefully I can answer your questions and if you need me to take close up pictures let me know and I am happy to do so.
      1. No peeling or fading, it does have scratches but we have 3 kids and 3 dogs. I feel like the scratches blend since the flooring is distressed.
      2.It’s not 100% uniform in color but they are all very close in color.
      3. Yes, it is smooth
      4. Brown
      5. Yes, I love our floor. The only thing, it is dark so it shows every bit of dust and dog hair. If that is going to drive you crazy I would go with something a little lighter in color . 🙂

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