Beach Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom is finally done!

It was mixed emotions getting rid of the ducks but I have finally come to terms that my “baby” will be turning 4 today!


A few more tweaks like shelving and a new throw rug but I couldn’t keep you in suspense any longer.


I repainted the buttery cabinets that I had previously painted. The pulls I had already purchased at Anthropologie a few years ago.




You find the step by step tutorial on how we transformed our mirrors here




Paint those oak cabinets

Here is the cost breakdown

Paint $20 (Lowes)

Mirror $24 (Home Depot)

Curtain $4 (Marshalls)

Paddle $12 (Marshalls)

Lanterns $0 (homemade)

Sign $4 (homemade)

Towels $20 (Ross and Marshalls)

Toothbrush Holder $3 (Marshalls)

Towel Holder $6 (Marshalls)

Light Fixture $77 (Lowes)

Lots of shopping of the house free

Here is the before picture.

Sorry, no picture of it when we first moved in with white walls

After I painted the cabinets buttery

And now



Oh, the dogs enjoyed helping me paint too.




 I hope I have shown you that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have the feel of a whole new room. A little bit of paint, some creativity and elbow grease can do amazing things!

Thank you for stopping in!

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  1. Hello there. Your home is absolutely beautiful by the way. I was wondering if you happen to have a list of the gorgeous colors that you chose and used through out your home? Particularly curious of the wall and cabinet colors in the boys bathroom, and the colors that you used in your home office area. If you have them listed somewhere, it would surely help as I am stuck in a terrible rut picking colors for my own home that flow as nicely as yours.

    Thank you in advance for your time and also for opening up and sharing your lovely home with all of us.

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