Painted kids table and chairs

Hi Friends-
Hope you had a fabulous weekend! 
 We have had some amazing weather here in San Diego!
Your probably thinking I thought she was working on the mud room. 
This room is going to have 3 purposes, mud, play, craft.
A little area for the kids, little area for me and a little area for the family.
Don’t feel bad for the hubby, he has the
WHOLE garage!
  As of Sunday this is what the table and chairs look like, notice the wall? 
Yes, I’m almost done painting!
Before a good friend of the family moved far away (sniff sniff)
she left us with 4 kids’ chairs and a table. She said she would never find the time to refinish it like she wanted so she left it with me.
This post is dedicated to Julie, an amazing person who I miss so much!
Hopefully, she will like it!

I gave each piece a light sand

 Added 2 coats of paint using a foam roller and let it dry overnight in between each coat.
I used the same paint as our kitchen cabinets

~Sherwin Williams Summer White~

I couldn’t leave it alone, I had to distress!
I sanded away where it would have worn over time using medium grit paper.
 With all those tiny spindles I had a lot of these
No worries, I sanded them away
Grabbed some stain out of the garage, a wet rag, and lightly rubbed over all the pieces. 
Wipe on/Wipe off till I had my desired effect.
I made sure to get into the drip areas that I sanded away really well to darken the wood up underneath.
The kids now have 3 new chairs and a table.
Thank you, Julie, the whole family misses you guys so much!
(You can ask Dennis about the missing fourth chair)
I’ll be showing a little bit more of the room tomorrow for Tuesday’s Treasures.

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  1. Timing perfect as always, i bought a $10 ugly pine high gloss chair from the local Revolve centre today, i'm going to sand it back, paint it white, then orange, then distress/ age it, like your method. Just think a splash of orange will look great, somewhere in the house, it was $10!! Love Posie

  2. Fabulous Job, Kristin! You have inspired me to finish up my dining chairs!

    My husband thanks you!;)

    Have a great week!

  3. you did a great job, Kristin!

    I love the table and chairs for the boys…can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  4. Love the new look and I like the finish you used on them! I'm now curious what happened to the 4th chair LOL!


  5. Okay, where's the 4th chair, Dennis? 🙂 Great finish… love the distressing with stained bits. Cute set!

    Thanks for the peek! Happy Monday!

  6. Those are adorable, I bet the kids are loving them already! 🙂 So glad that you are having great weather, please share the sun with us soon! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!!

  7. I love the classic and adult approach to the table and chairs. I hate the bright colored or themed kind and have been struggling to find one that suits our home. Guess the solution is to refinish. Great job!

  8. how cute it turned out! i love the idea of using the stain, i wasn't happy with the glaze so this is a great alternative! happy monday friend!! xo susan

  9. The table and chairs look amazing! You have inspired me to finish the chair I bought my daughters' at a thrift shop about a month ago and haven't gotten around to doing! I can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  10. Love your finish choice, I always paint, sand and stain (plus poly) I agree it makes for the best finish plus it's using what you already have on hand. Great post.

  11. The table and chairs look great! I bet your boys are excited to have their own space to work on their projects. I love the wall color! Congratulations to Amy on Marys' giveaway!

  12. The table and chairs look awesome! I love how you distressed them (and no worries if the kids bump them as it will only add to their character).

  13. The kids' set looks really nice, I like what you did with it! Wonder what happened to the fourth chair?

    Congratulations to Amy for winning the giveaway!


  14. These turned out sooooooooooooo cute=0) The boys are going to love it there! I'll come over and teach them an art class;o)

    Gotta love the weather this weekend,

  15. Summer white is the perfect color! Love the stain finish you gave the pieces!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up this project at WWC!

  16. Love these chairs (and the little hint of wall behind!)….I can't wait to see the grand reveal.



  17. Lucky kiddos who have such a fun place to call their own. Great job, Kristin!
    Enjoy that pretty Cal. weather….jealous!

  18. Looking really good so far. I look forward to seeing the entire room with your finishing touches on it.

  19. Your room is looking so good! Looking forward to seeing more. Also, congrats to Amy on that beautiful win!

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