Grandpa’s handmade stool

Growing up my Grandfather used to build everything.  When I say everything, I really do mean everything.
From the first house they lived in as newlyweds to the stool he made for each one of his grandchildren when he was 92.

My grandfather never graduated from high school, he didn’t make it much past elementary.  He achieved his successes in life by learning a trade, a trade in building.
He lived through the great depression, my grandmother sewed and he continued to build.  There were no permits back then, you just needed a hammer and some nails.
~Life was simple~
When he was 90 years old he built an addition onto their home, he still didn’t see the need for permits.  The city didn’t see it that way.
Prior to my grandfather and father’s passing,
 they gave my husband and I some of our very first tools.  Tools that we still use, tools that have meaning.  My grandparents worked as partners their whole life, they were married 76 years, my grandfather died when he was 102.
  I can only hope my grandfather is looking down and is proud of what Ray and I have accomplished working as partners, using his tools. 
 He taught me so much.
I painted this stool black a few years ago.
 Today I decided it needed a little more color for gramps.
I gave it a coat of Annie Sloan Duck Blue.
It’s much more cheerful!
 I also just received a new shipment of lavender, you know what that means?
New items coming soon to my shop!
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  1. What a Precious Token and Keepsake your children have not only in the Stool but the memories of their Grandfather are Surely Priceless… It's Amazing how back then they didn't require permits and standards as they do today….However the Craftsmanship of today's materials don't even come Close to what are Grandparents built…Which was often done on a Hand Shake Agreement… The new color is beautiful, Thank you for sharing a Precious Memory with us..

  2. Wow,that's so nice to have a sentimental memory if your grandfather. My grandfather was a carpenter and I only wish he was around today to teach me all that he knew-0becasue of course when he was alive I was too young and uninterested in this type of stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kristin- I am so glad that you have that to remember your grampa by. It looks like it is well made and he did a wonderful job! I love the duck egg blue~ xo Diana

  4. What a sweet story. Yes, our elders worked hard. Such a different and simpler way of life then. My father in law was a hard worker like that, too and lived ten years after he was caught in a fire outside burning off some brush in order to plant a garden. He was 86 when that happened and was given a ten percent chance to live. They amputated his legs up as high as they could go and he lived ten more years. Not a good quality of life after that accident though. Your sweet stool looks great in its new color.

  5. Such a great story about your grandfather! That stool looks very sturdy & nicely made too. My great-grandfather was an antiques dealer! Awesome huh? My parents have some beautiful old things they got from him… they used to go visit & he'd let them go out to the barn & pick something out to take home with them. Amazing huh?

  6. Your grandfather sounds like the sweetest man. How nice that you have the stool to remember him by. I love the shade you painted it!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the lavender!


  7. Now that is touching. I was very close to my Grandfather so this really touched me even more so. WOW 102..that is awesome. Funny I was just talking to my older boy about long lasting marriages. My husbands grandparents are going on 70 years. I do believe your Grandparents are very proud of you accomplishments. Love the stool! Great new life you gave it.

  8. Oh Kristin that is so very precious and such a treasure ~ It brought tears to my eyes reading your post 🙂
    I love it!

  9. I know he's proud, what a wonderful story.
    Tears of happiness from me, my grandmother lived to be 101 and I know how precious she was and how wonderful it is to have memories of time spent with her.(My grandfather died young,before I was born). But I knew him through her, she talked about him all the time.

  10. What a beautiful treasure Kristin…in more ways than one! The legacy your grandparents left you in the example of love, commitment and hard work is the most valuable of all though. He would definitely be so proud not only of the things you create but also for the blessing you are to those around you! 🙂

  11. What a sweet story! And, it brought back many memories as my grandparents did the same…my Pop was always working with wood and my Granny always sewing away! Love the new blue color.

  12. What a lovely post Kristin! I adore this blue colour. This stool is certainly an item to be cherished for generations to come.

  13. What great memories of your grandfather. He sounds like he was a wonderful man! The little stool looks great in the blue. I'm sure he'd love it!

  14. I love that he signed it. I have my grandfather's hammer and I love using it… even to hang a picture on the wall. Its worn handle feels perfect in my hand!

  15. Oh Kristin what a beautiful post. My grandpa was very much the same way, he built almost everything with his own hands, even his house. 🙂 The stool looks so pretty and I know that he is smiling down on you with all that you accomplished with your home and family. 🙂

  16. What a beautiful post and a sweet story. The stool is so special and one to be treasured. Love the new color, Kristin.

  17. Such a touching story. The stool is such a gift. My grandfather was a contractor and it's wonderful to have many of his tools. Priceless.

  18. how sweet this is! my grandfather was 95 when he died and i felt so blessed to have him for so long. hope you are well my friend! i really need to order more chalk paint! susan

  19. This was such a heart warming story, I really enjoyed it~and yes your grandpa is proud of you and the life you have made.

  20. Oh, Kristin your story brings back memories of my 'Grandad,' and makes me miss him. I treasure every item I have from my grandparents. What a wonderful example your grandfather was, he would be happy at all you and your husband have created for your family.

  21. Hello love! What an absolutely stunning treasure. I know you can feel the love in that stool – and it will last in your family for many generations to come. x

  22. Thank you for sharing such a touching story. Such a treasure to have in your home. What a perfect piece!

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