The shower is done!!

We are super excited to share an amazing product with you today that played a huge part in our bathroom remodel.

When replacing our shower, we were not looking forward to the whole hot mop process.  It’s not just the objectionable smell of the tar, but there’s a great deal of smoke and it can get to be very expensive.
My husband began researching other options and ran across Tile Redi.

  Tile Redi is a shower pan with an integrated drain and curb.  It has a six inch tall splash wall and is waterproof,  leak proof and resistant to mold.

 On the same day that you have installed your shower pan you can install your tile, marble or stone directly onto the pan surface. 

Our contractor watched the installation video which can you see here and went to work! It cut back on his time and the ease of installing was a piece of cake!
Shortly after the fire, Ray and I demoed the shower down to the bare cement floor.
Our contractor installed the pan and a beautiful handy niche.

The drain comes with the pan, it just needs to be lined up with your existing pipping. You choose where you would like the drain; right, left, center or custom.

The niche is perfect for shampoo and soap which we tiled right over using glass.

Right after the pan was installed they began to lay the travertine on top.

Can you see the slope? The pan comes this way, no water  puddles means no mold!


We now have a beautiful shower thanks to Tile Redi and our amazing contractor!

To read about all the advantages of installing a Tile Redi pan  click here.

Still have questions?  Click here for a list of their most frequently asked questions.

Thank you Tile Redi for making this process so easy!

Contact #

Contractor in San Diego
Gabriel Cruz 760-224-8993

 Just a few more items to finish up and we will be ready to show you the whole bathroom.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous!! I love the tile color. Enjoy your new shower and I will have to keep this in mind. Thank you!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I just saw those recently at our local hardware store. What a great idea!! I think we will be using one when we redo one of our bathrooms very soon now that I hear from you it worked well. Your shower looks great! Love the tile you chose!


  3. Thanks for the well wishes on my Kitchen Renovation! So sweet of you! I'm going to start following your bathroom remodel ~ gorgeous!!! I'm your newest follower!!!

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  4. Oh my goodness Kristin!! That is just stunning! What an incredible product you found and everything is truly gorgeous. I love the niche and your fixtures are perfect. Can't wait to see the rest!
    Have a great weekend my friend,

  5. Gorgeous! I have now started planning our bathroom renovation (really, right this very minute) inspired by yours. Your shower is destined to be copied!

  6. Kristin-It is absolutely beautiful. I love it…what fun it is to find something you think you will like and end up loving it when it is done! xo Diana

  7. Love it Kristin ~ the tile is amazing! I especially love the glass tile and your colors are so soft and serene ~ beautiful!!

  8. Wow Kristin! Are you starting to see the silver lining of having to re-do this space? That shower and the tile in it are so pretty! Thanks for sharing tips like the pan – so good to know for future reference. It's been so much fun to see your bathroom come together!

  9. Oh it's just gorgeous. No surprise. And I loved your house tour on Apartment Therapy. Just so talented. You always blow me away.

  10. That turned out just beautiful! Love the inset in the watery blue. I bet you are so excited to wrap up this project!

  11. Amazing! I live in Orange County, so hopefully your contractor can help out! Out of curiosity what's a ballpark figure for labor to have your shower completely re-tiled / fixtures installed?

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