Transfer print to wood the easy way

I’ve been adding little touches here and there as time allows to give the mudroom some personal touches.
I have fond that If supplies are within easy reach the kids are more likely to get creative.

I  had this cute wine storage crate and decided to embellish it a little.
So easy to transfer print to wood, great tutorial!

I used this transfer method on my beach sign awhile back and it worked out pretty well.

Wood Finish Stain Marker


Acrylic Paint, Steel Gray


Craft Paint Brush


Print out the word CREATE using arial font and
trace each letter in on the backside of the paper using a pencil.
Put the piece of paper on top of the wood crate.
Take  pencil and color over the word create so the writing on the back will transfer onto the wood.

I wanted an aged look so I used a wood marker to fill in the letters. If you don’t care for the aged look, you can use a black sharpie.

I added a touch of grey paint with a dry brush

Used a wet paper towel to apply just a little bit of stain
So easy to transfer print to wood, great tutorial! How to transfer print to wood they easy way!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. Kristin, How in the world do you get so many things done???? LOVE IT!!!!! You are so good that's all I keep tell everyone, It seem to take me forever to get done… I think there is just one solution to my madness.. Come over and help me…LOL


  2. I am a huge fan of things in boxes or whatever we can find. I love the white jars you used they almost look too fancy for kid art supplies! Keep up the good work you are inspiring us all!!

  3. I love how the room is coming together!! I was quite surprised to see you had added my blog to this post…THANKS!

  4. Great idea! I have these stain pens too. I use them all the time for touch up. Now, I'm gonna give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your mudroom with us. Love the ruffles, the wine box, and especially those silhouttes. It all came out so beautiful.
    Have fun with your mudroom.

  6. i love this…it turned out so sweet and simple looking! i like how you did the "old school" transfer method. great idea to use the wood finish pen…never would have thought of that!!

  7. it looks great! a perfect spot for all those arts and crafts odds and ends!
    stop by my blog this week to enter to win a csn stores gift card if you get a minute!!

  8. Your crate looks great! Your space is so neat and tidy and your little boy looks hard at work there on the computer. He's a cutie! Your mudroom turned out beautifully.

  9. That looked great, I mean your create box, one day I may be able to do some projects too. And the last image is just so amazing, so organized and lovely.

  10. great idea!
    i love it when my girls create. i've saved many of their "pieces" over the years & keep them framed. sweetness!
    ps-i LOVE your family picture over on the sidebar. gorgeous!!

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