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This week my e-mail has been flooded with
How do you do it all
What am I doing wrong
I don’t feel adequate
How do you find the time
How do I get my blog to grow
I have spoken to each person individually but felt compelled to share some posts with you from some pretty amazing woman.
Sometimes I feel it’s so hard for me to articulate 
my thoughts.
 Spelling is my weakness, writing isn’t my strong point, I’m not the best at telling a story, I usually forget the ending of a joke but you know what? 
I refuse to let it stop me from being me!
 Thank goodness for some pretty awesome ladies who have shot me an e-mail and said…..
 you misspelled such and such…
 they didn’t make fun of me,
they didn’t talk behind my back
they looked after me!
Thank you!
That is what blogging is about.
Friendships, relationships, support, encouragement.
So for those of you feeling a little down these days
 (I agree with Denise, it’s the weather)
Denise for a newbies perspective
Miss Mustard Seed’s perspective on numbers
The Stories of A 2 Z commentary on hurtful words
Most importantly,
 I thank you profusely for just being you.
Thank you for supporting this little thing I love to do called blogging!
~Enjoy your weekend~


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  1. Great post. I have found all of blogland to be so helpful with all of my posts, and my blog layout and just about anyting to do with blogging. It really is a wonderful group of people. It's not about the numbers, it's about enjoying and friendships. Hugs, Marty

  2. thanks for sharing, i just visited Denise, and now i am off to check out the others… have a great weekend!!

  3. I'm a scientist so spelling is not my thing either, i used to write my posts in MS Word first & cut & paste so all spelling was fixed, now i figure i'm not a paid writer, i'm a blogging crafty mum, i don't have to do spelling lists anymore (my 4 children do, i'm learning new words every week!!)
    I get this a lot too, how do you do, 4 children, businesses, husband away endlessly, i should do a post as well. This week i'm exhuasted, as i do it all plus the gym, volunteering, dog walking, gardening, not afraid to admit some weeks are crazier than others. 3 weeks into high school, all the new things associated with that, it's brilliant fun but GOSH so glad i'm a housewife (yes, a businesswoman whatever, but love being at home donig housework & school runs around clients & sewing). Good for you for replying to them all, i do it too but i think a post is in order. Love Posie

  4. Can I say, I do
    think you are one
    of the kindest and
    most generous ladies
    in Blog Land?
    Happy Weekend, Kristin!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Kristin, you have become such a role model for so many bloggers. You are so kind and I know you get so many comments with each and every post and it must be overwhelming sometimes, and yet you take the time to make the rounds. I think that is so sweet, especially when you have three little ones to care for on top of all your home projects. You're right, it's about relationships and friendships you make along the way and I am so very glad to have found you in the blogging world! Thank you for always being YOU and doing your own thing. 🙂 Happy weekend my friend, Lisa

  6. You're always so generous sharing your know-how, your blogging experience and your projects. It's no wonder people follow your blog and turn to you for advise. Have a nice weekend!!!

  7. Thanks for the encouragement and the links. I truly believe blogging is about forming friendships and that is it {for me}. But with all the experienced bloggers helping all the newbies now, I can't help but think that I could have used this when I first started out!! Hurray for you and the others that are helping out!


  8. Kristin, thank you so much for keeping it real! None of us are perfect and if we were, no one would be interested!! LOL You are such a sweet soul, and I so appreciate you!

  9. Kristin, spelling? Your blog is amazing, interesting, never boring. I have been blogging for 3 years and still can't spell! Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  10. I think the blogs that are genuine and sincere are the easiest to relate to and follow. You just happen to be genuine and sincere AND blessed with some crazy creative talent. Thanks for being you!

  11. About the weather…I am so ready for SUNSHINE! See my post today if you have a minute.

    About relationships on here…the women I meet on here are incredible and I am so thankful for them and for the ones to come.

    Thanks for your blog…

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I am thankful so far for the friendships and the followers that read my little blog. I am having fun and this post just inspired me more to keep it going. Thank you for sharing those lovely blogs above and thank you for being such a kind person to assist young bloggers. Love your blog!
    Have a nice weekend.

  13. I can relate- I have felt like I was able to "do it all" and wondered how everyone else seems to have it all figured out. I'm glad you blogged about this because you're right, it's about being yourself and being ok with it. It's about creating bonds and empowering each other. Thank you for being an inspiration!! 😉

  14. Kristin, What a great post! I agree a million percent! We must be ourselves! Hugs to you!
    Have a pretty day!

  15. Kristin

    So nice to share this! I get sick of some blogs that seem to be all about getting popular and do alot of filler posts. Sometimes, it seems like it is a contest to some, but for me I like the friends who keep coming back consistantly. They have made such a difference in my life. I like those who are real. And you my dear, are just that!!!
    Thanks for all your tips and kindness.


  16. I just want to say thank you, Kristin, for all the time, energy, creativity and love that you put into your blog and all of your projects. You are honest, sincere and genuine. I don't have a blog so I can't say that I am part of "blog land" but I try to be a faithful reader. You are an inspiration to me daily!

  17. You are so sweet to help others out! I personally have been impressed with the way you have responded to me in the past….thanks for all you do and for setting a great example for the rest of us!

  18. Thank you Kristin! you were actually in a conversation I had with another mutual blogging buddy, and we both were in agreement that you are one of the sweetest people out there. Your blog is so relaxing and pleasant to come to and your projects are not only accessible, but beautiful. Thanks for being my inspiration. I count you as one of my friends.

  19. How wonderfully sweet! Just the words I have on my blog encourage each other! I love it! Keep up what you do, because being just you, always works, and that's the best kind of encouragement

  20. Kristin,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You have been so encouraging and inspirational!!! Your kind words and the fact that you made this post speak volumes of the kind of woman you are…I will keep plugging along and enjoy every minute of it!!!!…(just need to remember to clean the house, take care of the kids. etc…this can get addicting…hahaha)
    love, Mariaelena…xo

  21. Thanks for this…I always appreciatate it when I see a comment from you, I had four little ones at one time so I know how it can be:)Now to read the blogs that you linked too for us:)


  22. I think we are all so fortunate to "know" you through the blog world. You are kind, generous, talented, and such a supportive force in this blogging community. I LOVE reading your blog and am so inspired by you. Enjoy the cozy weekend in the rain!

  23. DARLING!
    I love this post=0) I haven't been able to blog very much, but I always make sure to stop by and see what my neighbor has been up to.

    I wanted to let you know that you won my hydrangea necklace and I can either mail it or we can meet up at the winery…or wherever.

    Happy drippy weekend,

  24. I love the long sleeve garden t-shirt! Love the quote! I'm your newest follower! Have a wonderful day! Stop by and say hi when you have a moment!


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