Drop Cloth Curtains

You most likely thought I was never going to show you the curtains hung…..
Truth be told I couldn’t stop adding more ruffles, they are addicting.
I know some of you were bit worried and thought about a ruffle  intervention, I’m OK…
really, I am.
l just I needed a wee bit help hanging the 10 foot pole,
the hubby is a busy man!

Now you know where I hung the silhouettes.

I want you to know these drapes are so imperfect but you know what?
They make me happy! 
I sewed on ruffles wherever my heart desired
and enjoyed every minute of it!
Here is the before….oopps never painted over the old blue in that corner.

Yes, someday I dream of something like this from Restoration Hardware.

Salvaged Wood Vintner's Hutch & Sideboard
No, silly not for the wine storage, although that would be nice.
All these little niches could be filled with crafting supplies!
Tutorial on easy sew ruffles

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  1. Looking good! The ruffles are so cute! I need more ruffles at my house!!!! I'm so curious to see the whole thing!!!

  2. Your cracking me up with all your ruffle sewing over there and it looks so cute. You gave me an idea…I think I'm gonna use some leftover burlap and a white sheet to make my girls a new shower curtain! Thanks!!!

  3. Im very intrigued Kristin! I cant wait to see it all come together. The ruffled curtain is too cute. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  4. Your ruffled curtain is adorable Kristin…love it! I would love something similar for our laundry room….gonna have to wait till we finish the kitchen reno first. So many projects… ~Deb~

  5. I am glad to hear an intervention won't be needed 🙂 The ruffles are darling! I like how you layered them!
    Love the "Love" pillow! It's very you and sweet.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your family!

  6. LOL!…You must be seeing ruffles in your sleep!
    I LUV'EM! and the "Love" pillow yep to die for!
    New follower! 🙂

  7. Beautiful ruffles! I love your curtains! It looks like you used an eyelet lace on one of the ruffles? How pretty! I think ruffles always create a happy look. I also love your "Love" pillow. That was so sweet of Sam. Just perfect for your bed. I'm eyeing gorgeous pink roses, too. Enjoy your weekend with all of your family. A big hug to you, Allison

  8. these are fabulous! I'm working on some new curtains for the front entrance, and ruffles will be included – I don't have a ruffle foot on my machine, so wish me luck! -diane

  9. Owww i Love that pillow…did she send you one???? hahahahahahah!! lovely day darling……love love love Ria….xxx…

  10. Oh as a fellow crafter, i'm a non drinker so yep, saw the potential of that wine shelving unit for all sorts of goodness.
    That splash of blue paint made me remember when my parents repainted the laundry, they had a big swatch of 'previous colour' in a corner exacly the same, on the top shelf. Love Posie

  11. They are beautiful, I love what you did with them and how sweet of the gift you received! Blogging is a wonderful way for new friendships in far away places!

  12. The curtains turned out fabulous and look great in that spot. I love that they are not too perfect! The space is amazing!!

  13. Kristen~ I have the same thoughts you do about the RH hutch…goodness….If possible I could buy out the store!!!!
    Love the curtains.. the way everything just flows…
    Enjoy your weekend…

  14. Kristen~ I have the same thoughts you do about the RH hutch…goodness….If possible I could buy out the store!!!!
    Love the curtains.. the way everything just flows…
    Enjoy your weekend…

  15. I love the ruffles and the chandelier just makes it over the top beautiful. I have a question for you. I was using your tips and thank you they came in handy, but I deleted the top bar and could not get into my blog to do a post and I almost freaked out until I remembered a back way in. My question is; how do you do your posting or get into your design?

  16. Your ruffled curtain is delightful! I love how it came out and your pillow cover is darling too! Happy Sunday! 🙂

  17. I love love love it! The curtains turned out great! I just have one question. HOW do you have time to do ruffles, revitalize furniture, clean/hang chandeliers, raise kids, be a good wife, AND have a great blog?? I'm single with no kids and I never seem to have enough time! Have you written about that before? If so, point me in the right direction so that I can get some pointers! 🙂

  18. oh my gosh I love your curtains! and that piece from restoration hardware is amazing. i can only imagine all of the crafting items that could be organized in that piece! hope you had a great weekend! xo

  19. Those turned out FABULOUS!! (I also liked your humility in admiting the imperfections! right down to the paint.) 🙂

  20. They really came out adorable! I love the ruffles. Perhaps I could add some to some pillows. Something a wee bit girlie amongst all this testosterone in this house! The Love pillow is very sweet too.

  21. the curtains are really wonderful! I wish I could sew…. I can't get the machine and thread to be friends. I had to really laugh at the blue corner I have done the same thing a time or two. Oh how I would love the "wine cabinet" that could be used in so many rooms and for so many uses. Love the LOVE pillow you lucky girl!

  22. Oh, I just love the ruffles on the curtains. They make me smile as well. That's what creating a space is all about. And what a sweet pillow. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  23. LOVE THEM!! I would be sewing ruffles all over too, I can see how they would be addicting! Loving what I am seeing my friend and the pillow cover is so pretty, what a wonderful gift!

  24. Your curtains are so pretty! You did such a great job! What a Blessing to get such a nice gift. It is so lovely.

  25. I love ruffles and your curtains are gorge! What a pretty room it's turned into.

    How sweet of Sam to have sent you that beautiful pillow cover-it's perfect! I'm sure it must be such a thrill to get such a sweet surprise.

    Have a wonderful week Kristin!

  26. What an inspiration, both the pillow and the curtains. I love the ruffles. U dont mind if i copy this idea, do ya? LOL……..Bonnie

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