Utilizing the back of a door for storage

With the craft closet being super tiny I had to think outside of the box when it came down to storage.  I also had to think of the kids.  Would they really open the drawers and put all the junk back where it belonged?  That would most likely be a negative.  However, the back of the door is within reach and eye site and can be such a useful area, I like that!

I purchased these wire baskets at the dollar store; added labels using card-stock and ribbon.

When the hubby left to get the mail I quickly added tiny little nails to the back of the door, he will never open the craft closet anyway. (fingers crossed)

Placed the basket right on the nail and filled them up, instant storage!

OK I promise I am almost done with the closet!

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  1. Clever idea! You’re funny Kristin….I do the same thing when my husband steps out for a bit. We have to sneek some of those little tricks in when the men are away.

  2. I tried putting towel holders on the along the back of my boys bathroom door. First, they would have to shut the door to find them, and second if they did that they would want to hang up a towel. It was a great idea anyway.


  3. Another very clever solution, Kristin! I have used something similar in many different locations such as the sides of kitchen cabinets, desks, etc. by using the 3M command hooks. Since they are removable and do not damage the wood, it worked perfectly for me. Just another idea to throw into the mix. Thanks for all your great ideas! ~ Elizabeth

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