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Chalk Paint Tutorial

When I try something out for the first time I have those voices in my head saying what are you doing, you can’t do this, you will screw it up I can get a tad bit overwhelmed. My solution is to find out as much information as I can by reading reading reading before I dive in.
I’ve listed all the fabulous paint pros at the end of my post that helped me along the way!
So onto the tutorial:I mixed Duck egg and old white to attain this gorgeous color.
I Applied two coats of Chalk Paint using a purdy brush on my first coat. My hand was tired so I applied the second coat with a foam roller, this was super fast!
As you can see this is after the first coat and definitely was in need of a second coat which I applied immediately since the first coat was already dry. (love that)
This is coverage after the second coat using the foam roller, perfect coverage!
I took a sanding sponge and lightly buffed over the whole piece.  As the name suggests, it is very chalky.
 This is super messy but left the piece feeling like a baby’s behind!


Oh so smooth
Definitely do this outside or in a garage
Waxed the whole piece using what I had in the garage and applying it with a cloth, this really brings out the beauty in the paint.
I then used a
 medium grit sandpaper to take off a little of the paint in places I felt it would wear overtime. Re-waxed two more times and buffed to get the luster finish I was after.
So pretty!
And the before
So what is my favorite thing about this paint?
It goes against all the “rules” you can paint pretty much  any surface with no prep…yes NO PREP!
All I did was dust off the armoire before I started painting, amazing!
Because I am not a paint expert I will leave you with all the tips from the pro’s!
  Perfectly Imperfect Q&A and two video tutorials
Miss Mustard Seeds Review and video onwaxing
Thank you for all the fabulous tips!

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  1. So beautiful! I haven't made the leap to chalk paint…but the 'no prep' part is definitely the biggest selling point!

  2. Your amoire turned out fabulous!! I haven't tried chalk paint yet, but on the next project i will. It really looks great, love the shade you were able to mix!


  3. Kristin, I love this transformation and am really wanting to try the Chalk Paint. Everyone has raved about it! The piece turned out beautifully!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a painting!

  4. I really love the "custom" color you created !! It truly is such an easy paint to work with … and, yes, that chalk can get a bit *mess-eeee* when sanding !!

  5. Omg. I thought I was getting arthritis from my Purdy brush when I was repainting an old wine cabinet last weekend. Rollers do trump!

    I love that color…I have tried chalk paint yet, but I did come across a recipe for milk paint that seemed interesting…

  6. Gorgeous, Kristin!!!! I want to try chalk paint SO badly but have make a deal with myself that I have to finish up other ongoing projects first…..I can't wait after seeing this transformation!! So pretty. Where's it going?

  7. SOOOO beautiful! Love the piece! And you were sweet to send me a shout out…no pro, here. Just crazy enough to try anything. 🙂

  8. Great tutorial, Kristin. I'm hoping to give chalk paint a try soon. Love your pretty blue armoire! It's beautiful and a great storage piece.

  9. Beautiful! I have a 3 piece bedroom set that is vintage – and am wondering what to do with it – what's so great about chalk paint? Is it just that you don't have to prep anything in order to use it? How long does the waxing part take? Hmmmm…. I'm gonna have to try this 🙂

  10. The piece turned out beautiful. I have so many things I want to do with the chalk paint, but am afraid to do it. You have changed my frame of mind. Can't wait to order that paint.

    Thank you!

  11. Lovely! I'm dying to try this stuff, but cheapo me can't bring myself to get the order placed. I've got to just bite the bullet. It looks like a miracle in a can! Thanks for the painting links, too.

  12. This piece really turned out beautiful! Love the color! I am intrigued by this chalk paint I am seeing all over blogland, but have not yet taken the leap! The "no prep" thing is the best selling point!

  13. Hi friend! Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous transformation with us at Inspiration Friday this week! 🙂

  14. The color is really beautiful and I love that piece's bones. I'm a newbie at chalk paint too. It's so fun to work with.

  15. I found the exact same cabinet that you have! I got mine for free on the curb. I painted it with old white chalk paint and it turned out great!

  16. That is beautiful Kristin! I love the color. I am using chalk paint now in my son's room, good to know that I can use another wax. 🙂

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  17. I have been seeing this chalk paint everywhere. You project looks awesome! Love it. I wanted to tell you that and that I am a new follower. Hopefully you can stop by my blog and give me some pointers. I just love all your stuff.


    Have a Great Day!

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