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Dog House Makeover

Transform your wood dog house with a fresh coat of paint! Follow these simple steps to update your furry friend’s shelter and give it a vibrant new look. Enhance both aesthetics and durability with our guide on how to paint a wood dog house.

Yesterday I came back recharged from a mini vacation and gave this dog house a much-needed makeover!  We have three dogs, all with very different personalities, Abby I have to say is one incredible dog and we are lucky to have her!  Ray surprised me one day shortly after our Jack Russell passed away years ago.  I’ll admit, I was NOT happy with him, I wasn’t ready for another dog and this dog looked to be about a 100 years old male dog. Oh boy, was I WRONG!

Side Note:  Our dogs are super spoiled, part of our family, with the freedom to be indoors or outdoors and sleep with us at night.  Didn’t want anyone to think I leave them out in the hot/cold 24 hours a day 🙂 



Come to find out she was about 1 year old, she was found on the streets of Tijuana and her name was Vivian.  She was one of the most loving, loyal dogs I have ever met and Vivian is my mom’s name, it was meant to be.  (I did make Ray sweat it out for about a week though)  We changed her name to Abby and she instantly became part of our family.

Here is what the Dog House looked like when we got it, great structure, just needs a little TLC!

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Rust-Oleum Enamel Spray -Color- Sunrise Red
White latex paint
Assorted Sandpaper
3M Sanding Sponge
Painters Masking Tape
All Purpose Tack Cloth
Angle Trim Brush
Electric Sander


Sand the whole piece using medium grit sandpaper and an electric sander

 Next, take the sanding sponge and lightly buff making the surface smooth.
Using a tack cloth, remove all the dust.

Prime the dog house using an angle trim paint brush to get those hard-to-reach places

 Tape off the trim
Spray paint the dog house, it took 2 coats for complete coverage
Take the tape off and  paint the trim white


Here is cute Abby super happy and content in her new dog house.
And then we have Winston, jealous of everyone! I had to literally put him inside and shut the door so I could get a picture of Abby, he refused to move.  He too is a rescue, found on the streets of Los Angeles, a firecracker and full of energy!  Not pictured is our sweet Sophia, she is now 100% blind but it’s not slowing her down and she still let’s these two know who’s boss!
It’s time to go check out all the thrift store makeovers, I know you are going to love them!
Thanks so much for stopping in today!

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  1. Abby is so sweet! Your Vincent reminds me of my Louie who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Great job on the doghouse makeover.



  2. what a fabulous makeover! I’ll bet your doggies are happy out now.. We have two small pugs who have a fine bed of their own but choose to sheep either in my daughters bed with her or on a couch. I think that they think the dog bed is for the cats. They have high notions our pugs !!! Anyhow I just discovered your blog from a link on facebook so I’m off to discover some more thrifty makeovers thank you so much 🙂

    1. It’s funny, Sophie is the only one that will sleep in a dog bed indoors and Abby the only one that will stay in the dog house and of course they are all on our bed at night 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, I love your blog!

  3. That’s cute, but I honestly didn’t think there were any dogs who lived in dog houses anymore. It seems all the dogs I know are living inside their owners’ homes enjoying air conditioning and/or heat as needed.

    1. Our dogs are indoor/outdoor dogs and can come and go as they want. Abby loves to be outside trying to catch lizards so this is perfect when she wants a little shade. They are super spoiled and sleep in our beds at night. It breaks my heart when I see dogs that are never allowed inside, our dogs are part of our family and wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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