My first Annie Sloan chalk paint makeover

Hi Friends-
I’m pretty excited to share my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project with you!
I finished this project on the morning of the fourth and had every intention of sharing this with you last week…..
Nope, that didn’t happen. 
 We finally just brought it up from the garage and placed it in a niche at the top of the stairs.

   I actually have big plans for this space but well, that won’t be happening anytime soon so the armoire gets to stay.
~And the before~

Tomorrow I’ll share with you all the steps I used to achieve this look.  Until then, I mixed Duck egg and old white to attain this  gorgeous color.


I was after this color

Veranda 09-2009

I have to say I absolutely love this paint and am thrilled that I was able to test it. 
My mind is swarming with ideas of what I can paint next and yes the bathroom is on that list!
and of course my awesome sister for giving me the gorgeous piece!


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  1. Oh Kristin, it looks amazing!! I've been wanting to try out the chalk paint, just wish it wasn't so expensive. Looks like it worth it though. I love it!!!

  2. Turned out so well. Love that color you mixed up. I think your sister is going to want it back 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Kristin! I know it wasn't the color you were going for but it's a really nice looking soft blue.

  4. It looks amazing! Loving the colour! I'm dying to try her paint on my console table but I can't find any in Dubai 🙁

  5. Great job Kristin, it looks lovely and so fresh. Beautiful. I hope the repairs to your bath are coming along smoothly.

  6. Oh I love it. I am so glad you came by! It looks so lovely. I know you will LOVE the Duck Egg mix. It is absolutely my favorite. I also love a wash of the duck egg over the old white. I just water down duck egg and use as a very light wash…layered yumminess.I am vacationing right now so not too active via my blog. I did want to tell you ow glad I was that you all were OK after your fire scare.

  7. Kristin, watch out this paint is so addictive. Love the color you created by mixing the two colors.

  8. Gorgeous, Kristin !! You chose perfect colors to transform this piece. I'm sure you'll be starting on your next piece before you know it. xo

  9. Very pretty result Kristin! I just painted my chandy with the wooden beads in a mix of paris grey and old white to get that Belgian look. I love chalk paint!

  10. I bet your sister is kicking herself now 🙂 It looks lovely, I have two colors but now it looks like I need to had more to my repertoire -stash I just trying to use a fancy word.

  11. I bet your sister is kicking herself now 🙂 It looks lovely, I have two colors but now it looks like I need to had more to my repertoire -stash I just trying to use a fancy word.

  12. Kristin what a great piece!! Tell your sister I want one too!
    Love the color!

  13. What a great transformation Kristen! I love the color, will have to try this myself soon.

  14. It turned out so pretty, Kristen! Love the color and style of the piece.
    How generous of your sweet sister!

  15. I am so confused about this chalk paint! I just don't understand what it is…
    I think the color you chose is a WINNER!
    I would love to tour your home IN PERSON.
    But… I may never leave! hee!
    Have a pretty day!

  16. Wow! It turned out beautifully! I love the color you picked, what a transformation. I can't wait to see what else you paint! (especially that bathroom 🙂 )


  17. What a yummy color you created…it looks great! I'm so sorry to hear about your bathroom…so scary…but so happy to hear everyone's safe.

  18. Wow, you did grate, it's beautiful!!! I love this kind of armoire, it's not like the ones I'm used to, I've never seen one like this before and I like it so much!!
    Kisses kisses kisses

  19. Love the light, soft color. Glad it’s way lighter than Veranda. Great job!
    To those asking about the price of Annie Sloan, yes it is expensive, but it goes a long way. If it’s unaffordable, there are a ton of other chalk paints on the market, or you can make your own.

  20. Found this by following Artsy Chick’s post on 8/1. My parents had a piece of furniture EXACTLY like this and for years they called it a silly name. Not sure where they got the name from, but, yeah. Not an appropriate word to type here. 😉 I went looking for some online, and never could find any with the same name… because that wasn’t what they were called! I finally found out, quite by mistake, that they are called ‘chifferobes”. Who knew? I LOVE the way you painted this one… do you still have it?

    1. Wow, I never knew that, thanks for sharing. Now I’m curious what they called it 🙂 I do still have it upstairs and am still loving it painted!

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