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DIY Kissing Ball

Grayson and I were making Valentines for his Kindergarten class and It got me in a crafty mood. 
I decided a Valentine kissing ball would be a fun accessory on top of a candlestick.
I really wasn’t in the mood to leave the house for a styrofoam ball, this wiffle ball worked just fine.
~don’t tell the boys~
I made the rosettes exactly the same from this POST.
(some of these steps by step pictures are taken from the rosette post since I wasn’t snapping away while working this time)


~Hope you will give it a try~

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  1. I think I'm going to try this. I've been trying to come up with something small I can use for the Valentine's table and I think this will be it – I have some styrofoam balls that are intended for homemade christmas ornaments – it think I can stick the roses in with pins and it should be just fine. I love the idea of putting them in candle holders – that would work great. I am so excited because I've been reading blogs for weeks and nothing really jumped out at me as both something I could probably pull off, something I could make without spending a single penny, and something that I actually really LOVE. If I do it successfully, I'll blog about it and link back to your tutorial. thanks for posting this!!

  2. Adding wiffle balls to my garage saling list. Should be able to find one in the free box at some sale! Crazy how clever a gal can be when she doesn't want to leave the house, and the flowers turned out pretty.

    Me, I just stayed in jammies and read blogs all day because I didn't want to go out!


  3. I love it, Kristin … such a fun (and romantic) pop of color. Thanks for the great tutorial, too … hmmm, I *know* there's a wiffle ball around here somewhere …. xoxo

  4. So pretty! It's all soft and romantic looking 😉 I am making fabric flowers today too. Always fun. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. So pretty and romantic, Kristin! And, of course I love it in pink. You are so clever! I want to make one of these this weekend.

  6. How adorable is that?! I've already stolen all the wiffle balls and they're in a drawer bc I hadn't decided what to do yet! Great idea!

  7. well, I'm back! I did it, using your tutorial for rolling roses and this post, and while I didn't end up making a ball, I made a little bouquet. It turned out very sweet and perfect for Valentine's Day – thank you so much for the inspiration and the tutorials! If you're interested in how it turned out, I've posted it on my blog today.

  8. lol! A wiffle ball! Way to be creative and a repurposer! lol! Love the way your pretty kissing ball turned out. Very springy and Valentiney! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  9. You made something so beautiful of one of those whiffle balls. We have quite a few around here, too…beat up and dirty, and ready to be repurposed.

  10. So sweet! I love that you used a common item to make such an amazing Valentine decoration. It turned out so beautiful…i’m actually thinking I will make one!! 😉

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