Cork board bulletin boards

I have had the Ikea’s cork trivets forever, they come in handy for hot plates or In my case, a super simple craft. I am placing them in the craft closet as mini bulletin boards so I can leave little reminders to myself.

You get three for $3 at Ikea

I used some self adhesive shelf liners I found in the dollar bin at Michael’s awhile back. Simply trace around the cork and cut the paper.

Take the backing off and stick it to the cork, yup that’s it!

 Place some heavy double duty sticky tape (say that 10 times) to the back in a few places and hang!

Told you it was easy.

Functional and pretty, you could decorate these trivets in so many ways: paint, ribbon, fabric, Mod Podge, the possibilities are endless.

Have a fabulous day, see you Monday night for Tuesday’s Treasures!

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  1. GREAT idea- Do you know that we don’t even have an Ikea within driving distance? I love those cork boards-they are really cute and the covering makes the perfect touch-xo Diana

  2. Perfect timing! Was looking into cork boards for the study. I have a few of those Ikea cork trivets and I might have a go at either wrapping ribbon around them, or even twine might work for something different. Thanks for the superb idea!

  3. How clever! Very pretty, a quick and simple project..which I love and I could use some small bulletin boards. Happy Monday Kristin.

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