Turn a easel into a command center

Having a place to write notes and pin reminders is a necessity for our household.

 ~If your a mom you most likely have one of these beauties~



I decided to turn it into a message center since it wasn’t being used anymore.


Using spray paint chalkboard paint I gave it a fresh coat since I was unable to get the crayons off.





I cut a piece of corkboard to size so it would fit below the chalkboard.

Using spray adhesive I wrapped the corkboard with 2 layers of burlap. You could use any material or fabric here.


I secured the burlap with staples on the backside.


Using extra strength wood glue, apply scrap wood below the chalkboard so you have something to secure the corkboard to. Make sure to press firmly.



Cut  molding of your choice to size, prime and paint. 


Frame out the whole easel


Apply a bead of caulk around the inner edges of the message board fill in any gaps between joints and touch up with paint.

Attach hardware and hang.


Enjoy your day friends!




























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  1. Love the added touch of burlap-well done and the molding ties it together beautifully. I am still trying to figure out the best place for a command center in our new home. Now having it right now is driving me crazy!

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