A peek around the garden & aging terra cotta pots

I love Springtime; changes are in the air, flowers magically bloom, all things brown turn green,  birds chirping and the promise of good things to come.  I’m going to show you how to easily age terra cotta pots with a little paint, such a fun project!

This is Sophie, one of our three pups, she absolutely loves sitting outside in the sun!

outdoor flowers

I always know Spring is here when our Bougainvillea and Roses start climbing our arbors adding vibrant pops of color in the yard.


I have always had a love for arbors, they add so much beauty to the garden! The one with the roses my  hubby made for me a few years back, it always puts a smile on my face when I see the roses climbing up the sides in full bloom.


In the back yard, I plant most of my flowers in pots so I can brighten up the patio.  I love pots in all different sizes and colors and I especially love aged pots.  Aging a terra cotta pot is one of the most simple things to do and it adds so much charm.

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Outdoor garden



Clay pots (I find mine at the dollar store)

Paint (I used a variety of white/blue/green)

Dark Paste Wax

Paint Brush


Lint-free rag

How to age terra cotta pots

Grab whatever paint you have on hand, think creamy antique colors and white.

Use a paintbrush or a sponge and lightly paint a coat of white around the pot

Take a sponge and apply the antique-colored paint onto the terra-cotta pot leaving certain areas of the pot lightly exposed.

If you feel there is too much paint in some areas, take a wet lint-free rag and wipe the pot with the rag until it removes some of the paint.

Use a dark wax with a lint-free rag to lightly rub over the pot. If you feel the wax is too dark, add just a bit of water to the rag before dipping it in the wax and it will not come out as dark. The wax will protect against moisture and make the pots more durable


You are left with a gorgeous pot that looks like it has been sitting around for years.

You can always seal the inside of the pots for more protection


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  1. I love the arbors and all the climbing flowers! I can’t believe it is all in bloom, almost nothing in my neighborhood is blooming yet!

    My mother – in – law just gave me a Bougainvillea plant for Mother’s Day and I’m so excited to get mine planted. I’ve been debating Wisteria on our pergola for two years now and seeing how full your plants look makes me wish I just bit the bullet and planted something as soon as we built it!

    Love the terra cotta planters!

    1. Our neighbor has wisteria and it is so pretty! Both will become just brown branches during the winter but come Spring they are both so pretty.

  2. I love your garden and I could never have enough aged terracotta pots….thinking of you and those horrible fires…stay safe…xo

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