Painting Wicker

The weather has been really strange here, almost tropical, rain-showers at night, fog in the morning but it didn’t stop me from painting some wicker furniture.Paint that old wicker futniture

  It was in pretty bad condition so I did a little research and found the most important step was to use a oil based primer and to seal it in the end.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with the end result.

The not so pretty before with really bad sun damage.

I brushed on 1 coat of oil based primer

Spray painted 3 coats of black semi gloss

Sealed it with a coat of Helmsman® Spar Urethane since it is specially formulated  for exterior or interior wood that is exposed to sunlight.

I found this damask print cushion on amazon.

Now if the sun would come out I could really enjoy this space.

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  1. It looks beautiful with its fresh coat of paint! Lovely cushion, too. Your outdoor space is looking great. We finally have a day of sunshine today…a little chilly but the sun is out and the birds are chirping. I love it! Enjoy your Sunday, Kristin.

  2. Really beautiful makeover.
    We were just in Carlsbad last week, and experienced some of the wacky weather!! It was sad after seeing all our CA friends teasing us with all the sunny and unseasonably warm weather over the last few months!! Hope you get to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine out there soon!

  3. I have a wicker dresser and it is painted with a brush a thick layer should take off the paint first if so then with what? or should I just paint over it with spray? but I think I should remove the old.paint first please help.

  4. Hi, I was just wondering if you cleaned with anything prior to painting? I recently picked up a 10 piece wicker lot for $80. It is in rough shape, and I was just wondering where to start.

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