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DIY Boho Chic Jewelry Tray From a Plastic Serving Tray

 I have a fun tutorial on how to transform a plastic serving tray into a boho-chic jewelry tray using paint!  Since gold has made a big comeback I had to incorporate it into this piece and love how it turned out. These would make for a great home decor piece as well, a catch-all at your front door, key holder, spare change, so many options!

It’s thrift store decor day!
We have some wonderful new bloggers joining our group so If you are new around here, Welcome!  We get together on the second Wednesday of every month and share our thrift store makeovers.  So be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see the amazing makeovers!


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I scored this cute little frog plate for 25 cents!!!


Krylon Spray Paint Cover Max in the color ballet slipper
Krylon K01501, White
Painters Tape
Craft Brush
Deco Art metallic glorious gold

How to Paint Plastic

I always say there are three important steps for painting any type of plastic: prep, prime, and paint.

Clean your item thoroughly with warm water and mild dish soap, dry with a towel. Wipe down the entire surface with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.

To help the paint stick better, scuff-sand the surface with 200-grit sandpaper.

Prime: Next you are going to want to prime the whole surface, use paints that are specifically formulated to adhere to plastics, I love Krylon spray paint that is specific for plastic.  I spraypainted the whole tray white.

Paint: Use top-quality acrylic paint and/or spray paint designed for plastics.  I used a combination of both.

After the primer dried, I blocked off areas with painter’s tape and added different colors in each section until I was happy with the look.  You will have to do this in sections and allow for drying time based on the paint you used.

Once a section is dry, unmask the tape and block another section.

A few places ran through so I simply re-taped and painted over the run-off area.

Lastly, I gave it a coat of polyurethane to protect the tray.

Tape off
For the gold, I painted it on using a craft brush, it took 3 coasts.
Here is where my gold ran through so I simply just spray painted right over the pink again.
This was such an easy and inexpensive upcycling project!  (Granted I had all of the paint at home already) This tutorial would work great with the wooden trays or even those glass candy dishes, make sure to keep your eye out next time you go thrifting! Plus, you know how I love finding inexpensive goodies at the thrift store, added bonus if it gets me organized as well!
Shortly after my mother passed away I was truly feeling the need to have something of hers close to my heart.  We still have not gone through her pieces of jewelry so I ordered this beautiful charm necklace with our boys’ and my mom’s initials, I still tear up every time I wear it.
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  1. Wow! I was having a hard time seeing how you could possibly make Senior Frog look good, but you did it! Love the paint combinations your used!

  2. Kristen, just wow! I love that you saw past the kitschy design. That is a nice size and shaped tray. And now it’s beautiful! I’m so happy to be on this tour with you!

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